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Jeffrey Robert Calvert Civil Rights Violations

Jeffrey Robert Calvert aka Miss Idaho, is a San Diego attorney engaged in a criminal conspiracy to deprive anti-pedophiles of their constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Mr. Calvert is also violating federal laws against human trafficking, which have been discussed in previous blogs. The purpose of this article is to put Jeffrey Robert Calvert on notice to cease and desist from publicly claiming that there are non-existent restraining orders prohibiting anti-pedophiles right to move about the country freely and express opposing viewpoints.

Jeffrey Robert Calvert and CMEN

California Men Enjoying Naturism is a private gay men’s club operated by registered child sexual predator John Herriot.  Jeffrey Robert Calvert is chief legal counsel for CMEN. Together with Burbank resident Rick Boehle, they are attempting to promote a program of pedophile education into the gay leather lifestyle at workshops for twelve year-old boys in Malibu.  Every year over Labor Day weekend Malibu sex offenders attend the CMEN West Coast Fall Gathering to promote the pederast lifestyle.

Engaging Jeffrey Robert Calvert

My purpose in life this week is to illustrate to Jeffrey Robert Calvert and John Herriot that there are no restraints upon this human trafficking investigation. This website is an unrestrained expose of exactly how homosexuals shape and mold public opinion. Mr. Calvert abuses his position as a quasi-court official to convince CMEN that is is permissible to promote non-sexual relations between adult men and twelve year-old boys. How do Calvert and Boehle define “non-sexual” relationships between men and young boys? Shouldn’t heterosexuals be present to offer differing viewpoints? Mr. Calvert is attempting to prevent these questions from being asked and answered about his Malibu gatherings. 

John Herriot and CMEN try to protect Jeff Calvert by claiming that Calvert is “a very important San Diego attorney”. This investigation has found no evidence of exactly what type of law Mr. Calvert practices, despite repeated requests for more information.  What is important to child sexual predators may not be important to the general public.

There is no restraint upon my free speech Mr. Calvert.