Has Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer violated his Riverside, CA probation by failure to register as a sex offender at his residence in Lake Havasu, AZ?

Dear Lake Havasu City Arizona Police Chief Dan Doyle: Lake Havasu resident Mr. Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer may be in violation of a State of California – Riverside County Superior Court order to register as a sex offender pursuant to the terms of his release and probation agreement of August 3, 2021. I have personal experience with Mr. Cowan and his propensity for civil harassment. I say keep Jeff Cowan locked-up as long as possible please. Thank you. Here is a Jeff Cowan case summary:

June 2021 Lewd Conduct Sexual Offense of Jeffrey R. Cowan while in custody

While incarcerated in Murietta, California, Mr. Cowan committed a lewd act upon a corrections officer by intentionally exposing his genitalia in a sexually suggestive manner. For this offense he was charged in case number SWM2102545.

Registration is fairly expensive

It is for pleading guilty to this charge that defendant is required to register as a sexual offender with the Mohave County Sheriff’s office and the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. Registered sex offenders pay a $250 application fee and $100 per year for a special driver’s license indicating ex-offender status. Jeff’s name will appear in databases within a matter of Mr. Cowan complying with his registration obligation. This website will immediately republish Mr. Cowan’s official legal registrations once Mr. Cowan complies.

The plea deal

On August 3, 2021, in Dept. 3T, Indio Larson Justice Center, Defendant J.R. Cowan pled guilty to Case numbers INM2005742; SWM2102545; INM2003558; NM21000769; INM2004681; and INM2102095. As part of this plea agreement defendant’s registration must occur within five (5) days. This would calendar out to due date by August 7, 2021 for defendant to be registered by designating his Mohave County AZ residence located at 2615 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86480.

Four days after being released in Riverside Jeff is arrested in Havasu

On August 7, 2021 Mr. Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer was arrested for five (5) active warrants by your officers. Mr. Goldhammer was in route to his residence behind your station when he was arrested across the street from the Havasu City Police station.

Please don’t let this career criminal manipulate you with his strange but legal name changes from Goldhammer to Cowan. Mr. Cowan is an outspoken critic of the police and has made his anti-police views public at recent Lake Havasu City counsel meetings and social media postings.

The Goldhammer/Cowan Name Change

This person was legally born in South Los Angeles as Jeffrey Robert Goldhammer on November 12, 1954. When Jeff got San Fernando Valley resident Wendy Cowan pregnant, he refused to marry her or provide for his child. Jeff was court ordered to pay child support for his son Jarrad Cowan. Jeff Goldhammer changed his name to Jeff Cowan in 1986. Severely traumatized Jarrad Cowan makes this comedy a tragedy as Goldhammer’s karma is finally catching up with him. I am writing this blog to warn you of Mr. Cowan because he is a danger to himself and a danger to others.

have you ever been stalked by jeffrey cowan
Cowan is a prolific harasser by communication

Mental decline and potential conservatorship issues

Due to the combination of his advanced age and his clinically diagnosed mental disorders Mr. Cowan has been in accelerated mental decline for several decades and that is the main reason for his multiple legal problems in several different jurisdictions. His California attorneys were not successful in placing Jeff into a mental diversion program. Accepting his next best offer from the D.A., Jeff pled guilty to lewd conduct and agreed to register as a sex offender as part of his probation and release from jail. Mr. Cowan would be well served to be placed under a court supervised conservatorship due to his declining mental health. A court appointed conservator may have been able to keep Mr. Cowan out of his escalating legal problems.

The People of the United States owe a debt of thanks and gratitude that the great state of Arizona has a chance to take a repeat offender off of the local streets as well as state and federal highways. Let’s make America safe again by locking them up whenever and wherever we can.

Mr. Cowan Goldhammer is a menace to society and it is therefore incumbent upon you Chief Doyle and/or your office to please transfer him to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office Presley Detention Center. Please remand Mr. Cowan to the Riverside County Sheriff’s office for intake and assessment. It is recommended that Mr. Cowan be confined to a medium security corrections institution for a term of not less than thirty-six months. Mr. Cowan’s crimes of lewd conduct are an affront to the basic premise of civilization.

jeff cowan sex offender preregistration

Mr. Cowan has probably been banned from most of the gay friendly karaoke bars from Riverside to New Mexico. Take a look around desert dive bars and you just may see Jeff Cowan’s face prominently displayed as a banned former customer. Prior to the pandemic several Palm Springs Karaoke bars prominently displayed a mug shot of 86’d ex-customer Jeff Cowan. This person is a known danger to himself and those around him. Don’t let Jeff Cowan commit suicide by cop in your jurisdiction. If he stays in your town for more than a few days make him register with your local law enforcement agency. You should be able to locate his name as you peruse your local sex offender registry. Megan’s Law is the ultimate international clearing house for registered sex offenders.

Have you ever been stalked by Jeffrey Cowan the Certified Public Accountant from Lake Havasu City, Arizona?

Jeff Cowan Goldhammer prefers anonymous harassment by communication

Look at Jeff’s arrest and court documents to see that he prefers harassment by communication. Have you ever received any anonymous communications with a disturbing psychological tone, such communications may have been sent from career criminal Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer because he is known for that. Your family may have been selected by Mr. Goldhammer due to unfortunate affiliation with him in High School Year Books for Torrance and Gardena, California.

jeff cowan sex offender preregistration
Preregistered Sex Offender Jeff Cowan at his psychiatric clinic in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Violate Him

Jeff was ordered to register as a sex offender with the Mohave County Sheriff within five (5) days of his release from the Riverside County Jail on August 3, 2021. This means that Jeff R. Cowan is in violation of his probation for failure to register as a sex offender as ordered by Judge Sterling Otis, III in Department 3T of the Riverside Superior Court Indio Larson Justice Center.

If you see this individual do not attempt to apprehend him on your own because he has a record for fighting, disorderly conduct and lewd conduct when confronted. Please instruct him in a non judgmental and non-pathologizing manner to report to the nearest police station or law enforcement mobile dispatch unit.

Mr. Goldhammer is wanted for questioning regarding his failure to register as a sex offender with the Mohave County Sheriff within five (5) days of August 3, 2021. Please tell this court why you should not have your probation revoked and you be immediately sentenced to thirty-six months in state prison?

Send Jeff Cowan Goldhammer to Prison to finish out his sentence

Mr. Goldhammer you cannot seem to obey any orders that any court may impose upon you. In your lawless state I can see no other option than to send you to serve out out your time locked up in a maximum security prison facility. You need to think about ending this non-stop crime spree that you call your life. Jeff Cowan Goldhammer is breaking records for the oldest man in jail for the stupidest things.