I have a great deal of compassion for the family, so-called friends, enemies and future enemies of career criminal offender Mr. Jeffrey Robert Cowan. That is why I created this Jeff Cowan Inmate Locator blog.

Mr. Cowan is currently under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Mental Health Court and there is no way to locate him within that confidential system. Now that he is a registered sex offender on probation I predicted that Jeff would not last long on the outside. In the interest of public safety this blog will serve as a Jeff Cowan inmate locator site directory of four different county court systems; Los Angeles & Riverside, in California, Mojave in Arizona and Clark in Nevada.

Jeff was only out of jail in Riverside from the afternoon of Tuesday, August 3,, 2021 until he was arrested again, this time a few blocks in from his residence. Jeff was busted for his five different outstanding and active warrants as he drove past the Lake Havasu City Arizona Police Department, on the morning of Saturday August 7, 2021. Jeff has a thing for cops. Jeff needs an “other” to inflict himself upon. The cops get paid to be Jeff’s baby sitter. It’s a good thing cops have guns when dealing with a wild card like Mr. Jeff Cowan. He is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go offf. It looks as if Jeff is on an infantile suicide-by-cop rampage. Jeff spent May, June, July and August 2021 in the Riverside County Jail. Reading his ridiculous Facebook posts, Jeff comes off like a lonely gay incel. He has gotten used to cops, court, public defenders, private criminal defense attorneys, bail bondsman, jail psychiatrists, jail, booking, processing and jail life in general. Being in the belly of the beast in county court systems is a meat grinder.

Professional criminals who are awaiting processing out of county jail and into the California Department of Corrections will often recite lamentations and prison aphorisms of how they can’t wait to get out of the loud, smelly 24/7 murder & mayhem of county. The long con’s only desire is to get to the peace and quiet of The Pen so he can start doing his six years in state prison. Older convicts like to sleep in peace, get up, go to a job and a have a prison life instead of a violent psych ward life in the county jail.

I have compiled this Jeff Cowan inmate locator list to keep the community informed pursuant to various state and local laws. Now you have a little bit of a head start in locating Mr. Cowan in three states.

Here is my ongoing collection of links to various criminal justice correctional facilities and/or county court systems that Jeff R. Cowan may be locked-up and facing criminal charges in.

1. Mojave County

Jeff resides at 2617 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403, in Mojave County. On August 7, 2021 he was arrested on five active warrants.

The Mojave County inmate booking information locator websites are not as sophisticated or all inclusive as that of the Riverside County online booking information sites listed in number 2. Riverside County below.

If your inmate is in Riverside County all you need is the name and his birth date. In Lake Havasu City you can use his 2615 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona 89640 address and find some excellent intelligence on the local sites below.

It’s also no secret that Jeff publicly posts his November 12, 2954 birthdate in Facebook, CMEN, etc.

Most importantly, If you ever receive a strange anonymous card, letter or harassing communication from Nevada, California, Colorado, or Arizona, there are excellent odds that it came from world famous anonymous criminal Jeff Cowan. Jeff has been consistently prosecuted in at least two states for offenses such as violation of domestic restraining order, fighting, harassment by communication, fighting, lewd conduct and other violent offenses.


One of my informants sent me a hilarious email about J.C’s charge of theft and fraud at his podiatrists office. Jeff changed into an examination robe at his podiatrists office in Lake Havasu City. While wearing only his therapeutic robe, Jeff clumsily pilfered two photographs from the waiting room and examination room.

During his antics he knocked over a framed photograph to create a trail of larcenous ineptitude. The office staff was on to Jeff’s every fraudulent move. Jeff was arrested, charged and incarcerated in the Lake Havasu City Police Department Jail.

That is where Jeff’s trail for once grows cold with free open source websites. The Havasu court calendar website is not very helpful. You have to check the new calendars every evening before the next days hearings. That’s a lot of work compared to how a smooth criminal justice system in divulges free intelligence.

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When it is time for Lake Havasu to warehouse Jeff he will be incarcerated at the La Paz County Jail
Unfortunately the La Paz County Jail inmate search function is nonfunctional at this time.
The La Paz County Jail inmate list is also broken at this time.
jeff cowan inmate locator clark county
Click here for the PDF list of Mohave County Jail inmates

The Lake Havasu City Police Department allows you to search for Jeff Cowan’s accidents, arrests and incidents. Lake Havasu City Police Department Wanted List

If Jeff makes it to state prison in Arizona, you will find him here.

adcrr inmate data search jeff cowan inmate locator arizona state

2. Riverside County

Jeff Cowan’s most serious criminal charges were adjudicated in Riverside County. In order to get himself out of the Riverside County jail, he agreed to plead guilty to all six counts filed against him. The terms of his probation are that he must obey all laws and register as a sex offender. When Riverside County finds out that Jeff failed to register as a sex offender by August 7, 2021, he will be arrested and you will find him here. I will make sure that you find him here because in thirty days, after his name fails to show up on any sex offender registries, I will contact the Riverside District Attorney and make sure he is violated. Jeff’s probation violation hearings will be held in Department 3T of the Indio Larson Justice Center, Riverside Superior Court, before Judge Otis Sterling, III. You will be able to listen to the live audio stream of Jeff’s hearings just like I did. Judge Sterling told Jeff that if he violated his probation he will be sent to California state prison for two and a half years.

jeff cowan inmate locator riverside county
riverside county district attorney
indio larson justice center online
State of California Riverside County Superior Court, Indio Larson Justice Center, Department 3T Online Courtroom Hearing Audio Links.

3. Clark County Jeff Cowan Inmate Locator

Jeff has charges pending against him in in Clark County, Nevada. He was cited by law enforcement for speeding with no insurance while terrorizing Las Vegas and Laughlin. Therefore he may be locked up in Nevada.

jeff cowan inmate locator clark county

4. Los Angeles County Inmate Locator

Jeff is from the South Bay in Los Angeles County. Thank God he no longer lives here. There is a slight chance that Jeff could get himself in trouble in L.A. County. His criminal associate Danny Wellchance lives in Culver City. In 2017, Danny and Jeff stole my car. Jeff is desperate for friends and therefore is known to hang out with criminals and homeless individuals. Even though he will hopefully never be back in my area I will be occasionally checking the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Jeff Cowan inmate locator,

Former inmate Jeff Cowan, level 1 registered gay sex offender is undergoing psychiatric treatment at Lake Havasu Arizona Mental Health Court.

los angeles county sheriff jeff cowan inmate locator
CDCR jeff cowan inmate locator

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.