If “God Is” everything, then why do bad things happen to “good” people?

John 15: “‘I AM’ the vine, ye are the branches:

If a man abides not in me, he is cast forth as a branch and is withered; and people gather him up and cast him into the fire and he is burned.”

My life has been a quest for an answer to one major question. Why would an omnipresent and omnipotent God let bombs blow up innocent little children. The answer finally came this week. It is all explained by mystical meditation teacher Joel S. Goldsmith in an Infinite Way tape and pamphlet entitled “I AM the Vine”.

I have been living in m urban apartment for a few months now. It is loud and vibrant and I love it. I almost feel like I am living in New York. However the sirens and horn honking have a tendency to disturb my sleep. So I wear noise cancelling headphones and listen to Goldsmith all night long while I AM sleeping.

When I was in junior high school I once did a science fair project on sleep learning. Now it is all paying off big time. Last night I dreamed that I was in back in middle school and Goldsmith was sitting behind me talking the whole time. His words are embedded into my subconscious Christ consciousness.

Connected to the Vine by Christ Consciousness

This may sound cruel and uncaring. However if neither the dead child nor his parents have God consciousness, then they are cut off from God. They are disconnected just like the branch is cut off from the vine in John 15. If the parents have God consciousness then the child will be protected. The bombs will rain down all around the child and that child will be protected because she is connected to God. If the child’s parents have the consciousness that “I and the Father are One” then no harm can come to that family.

Why do “good” things happen to so-called “bad” people?

JOHN 15 tells us that as long as you abide in God and God abides in you, you will be granted whatever you request. Becoming spiritual does not require you to become a “good” person. Christ Jesus did not ask people if they were good before he fed them or healed them. Jesus did not inquire as to if Lazarus deserved to be raised from the dead. Christ consciousness is for sick and hungry people who need it. Christ Jesus did not come for good, healthy, rich people, He came to help the losers and outcasts of society.

Love your enemy as you love yourself, even if he is unsuccessfully attempting to hack your Facebook account and your life

Are you the person who is trying to hack my Facebook account? You tried to frame me but it did not work. Because I AM a branch of the Vine. Entrapment has no effect upon any branch of the Vine. Your transgressions upon my life and soul are forgiven by me. The Master’s commandment to “love your enemy” has finally become a reality in my life. But then again, it is easy to love your enemy when you are unharmed by his entrapment and eventually vindicated. I may not particularly like you, but I have cosmic love for you as I have cosmic love for volcanoes and tidal waves. Love for my enemy is not the same quality of love that I have for my friends. Living my enemy is is just general love for love’s sake. Loving my enemies does not mean that I tell them that I love them. My enemies may never even know that I love them. Happy, joyous and free, laughing at your farcical machinations.

“Every time you see an individual in some form of sin, disease, lack, limitation, deformity, or even death, just catch a glimpse of the vine and silently realize, ‘Thank God for that Vine!’” -Goldsmith, p. 12

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