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Son of Herriot

Hacked by the Son of Herriot

The whole time I knew John K Herriot he always pretended that he didn’t know anything about computers but it turns out his father John G Herriot was a computer science pioneer at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Typical homosexual pedophile deception and manipulation by Herriot the Younger.

john k herriot

On October 14th I published a blog about Herriot’s new Megan’s Law photograph and a few hours later this website was hacked and temporarily damaged. Fortunately my firewall account with Go Daddy includes manual removal of malware by a WordPress technician. After a night and morning of waiting for Go Daddy to do the job, all I had to do on my end was reload my Divi WordPress theme. It’s a good thing I decided to blog on the 15th otherwise I might not have noticed that my site was down for a week or more!

hacked by son of john g herriot
For approximately 24 hours this website only said “The site is experiencing technical difficulties”.

No Proof That John K Herriot is Responsible for the Break-In

Of course I have absolutely no proof that Herriot was responsible for the hack job past my Go Daddy firewall and SSL certificate. However my intuition tells me that it was either Herriot or one of his minions. This was a fairly sophisticated computer attack and John K Herriot has his John G Herriot lineage. In the rare instances that something bad happens in my life Mr. Herriot is usually directly or indirectly responsible. Herriot and Jeff Cowan stole my junk heap Nissan and laptop when I lived in Palm Springs. The did me a favor because the insurance company paid me $4,000 for a Sentra with a blown head gasket.

Herriot and Cowan are spreading lies about a non-existent restraining order against me and therefore I am compelled to slam out these unrestrained rants against Herriot’s bogus youth league baseball uniform business. Herriot also uses his gay nudist organization California Men Enjoying Naturism as a cover for his child sex trafficking business. The infantile acronym CMEN is indicative of Herriot’s arrested development.

CMEN Comes to Angeles Oaks

Next year CMEN will be having their Labor Day 2020 West Coast Gathering in Angeles Oaks, California. Hundreds of naked gay and bisexual men will be cavorting in the wilderness of San Bernardino County. I used to be right there working for the CMEN organization while receiving blow jobs from fat old men and so I guess you could call me a whistle blower. When I discovered that John was a registered child sex offender who sold little league baseball uniforms I knew I finally had the key to John Herriot’s arrested emotional development.

who is john k herriot
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