john herriott in tennessee

I took John’s photo off of the feature image for this post and put him down here in a more private location.

California registered sex offenders must also register in Tennessee. CMEN has nudist recreational retreats and living facilities in both Yucca Valley, California and Whispering Oaks, Tennessee. CMEN leader John Herriott has established a secondary presence in Tennessee by living there and conducting retreats, gatherings and other events in that state. Massage events are big in John Herriott’s world. These aren’t real therapeutic massages, these are mutual masturbation sessions.  California registered sex offender John Herriott must now file a sister state form pursuant to Tennessee Code Section 40-39-203(c):

40-39-203(c). An offender from another state, jurisdiction or country who has established a primary or secondary residence within this state or has established a physical presence at a particular location shall, within forty-eight (48) hours of establishing residency or a physical presence, register or report in person with the designated law enforcement agency, completing and signing a TBI registration form, under penalty of perjury, pursuant to § 39-16-702(b)(3).


CMEN Whispering Oaks, Tennessee

What State is John Herriott’s Driver’s License Issued In?

If Mr. Herriott has a Tennessee driver’s license then it must state on the license that he is a registered sex offender:

55-50-353. Sexual or violent offender identification. When the department issues or renews a driver license or photo identification card to a sexual offender or violent sexual offender as required by § 40-39-213, the driver license or photo identification card shall bear a designation sufficient to enable a law enforcement officer to identify the bearer of the license or card as a sexual offender or violent sexual offender.

Is There a Federal Sex Offender Directory?

My next research will be on the subject of national and international child sex trafficking offenders. I will also research contacting the Nashville District Attorney regarding John Herriott’s non-compliance. I have done preliminary research on John’s claims that he makes his living selling baseball uniforms online but have found nothing yet. Charlie Kenyon has informed me that John inherited a considerable amount of money in the past few years. I suspect that John Herriott is using CMEN as a tax evasion scheme to support himself. I have never seen John with a boyfriend, partner, lover or any type of relationship. Exactly who is John Herriott?