John Herriot Wants Your Male Children

John K Herriot 2019 Megan’s Law Photo Update

JULY 12, 2021 UPDATE: Here is the John K Herriot 2019 Megan’s Law photo update as required by state and federal law. This post also includes a brand new 2021 update regarding Herriot’s incompetent accountant Jeff Cowan and other business associates of registered child sex trafficking offender John Herriot. Although Mr. Herriot of West Hollywood, CA is listed on the Megan’s Law website he still sells youth league baseball uniforms and conducts leather workshops for 10 year old boys at his nudist gatherings in San Bernardino, CA.

How to find gay child sex traffickers at California Men Enjoying Naturism meet ups and gatherings

For more information on exactly where, when and how Mr. Herriot conducts his illicit activities please go to his gay nudist website at CMEN, get it? John Karl Herriot wants to fill your young boys up with his semen. John takes great delight in spreading his semen filled perversions upon the planet.

I helped put Jeff Cowan in jail and I also want to help put John Herriot in jail. How about you? Help put child traffickers and their associates in jail by using the contact form on this crime blog to provide me with any new information you have on these world wide criminals.

Mr. Herriot’s Certified Public Accountant, Jeffrey R. Cowan has been jailed at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside, California. Mr. Cowan is facing eight misdemeanor counts for multiple violations of court orders, violation of domestic violation restraining order, battery upon a fellow inmate and indecent exposure to a Riverside County Deputy Sheriff. After jumping bail, Cowan was arrested at his home located at 2617 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Should Johnny be wearing those non-prescription yellow glasses in his Megan’s Law photograph? Yellow glasses are for shooting. See the photo of Hunter S. Thompson in his yellow shooting glasses below. It doesn’t seem right that John Herriot should be wearing yellow glasses in his statutory Megan’s Law photo update. Whenever I am at a loss for a blog topic I can always dredge up convicted child sex offender Herriot for a few hundred words or so.

Earlier this year Mr. Herriot had the audacity to personally serve me with his default judgment for a so-called “restraining order.” This paperwork is legally unenforceable because the underlying “restraining order” is defective as I have already discussed in previous blogs. What stays fresh in my mind is the useless idiot who served this useless document upon me at my apartment in West Covina on behalf of Mr. Herriot.

Gay Crime Thrives in The Desert

Deep down inside I am secretly grateful to John Herriot because he helped me to abandon all of my criminal associates in the gay community like JR Roberts by misrepresenting that there was a restraining order against me. There never was any restraining order but that doesn’t stop gay predators like Jeff Calvert, Esq. and Rick Boehle who are hiding out in the desert with Jeff Cowan, CPA, in Desperate Hot Springs, California. Writing these blogs is my therapeutic release to vent my rage against the homosexual machine. LAPD Chief David R. Doan needs something to do so maybe he should investigate John K. Herriot.

Herriot should never have served me with his meaningless papers a few months ago because I would not feel compelled to write yet another blog about his heinous conduct. He served me with those bogus documents and now I am serving him this blog. If Herriot would just stay out of my life things would be much easier for him. Perhaps this blog will stave him off for a few more months before I have to deal with him again. What I really want to write about is people like Kim Shattuck and Hunter S. Thompson’s father who died from the same disease that I have.

Yellow glasses are for shooting
Hunter S. Thompson’s Father Died From MG

What I really want to write about is the fact that Hunter S. Thompson’s father died of myasthenia gravis when he was only 58 years old.


On December 2, 1943, when Thompson was six years old, the family settled at 2437 Ransdell Avenue in the affluent Cherokee Triangle neighborhood of The Highlands.[7] On July 3, 1952, when Thompson was 14 years old, his father, aged 58, died of myasthenia gravis. Hunter and his brothers were raised by their mother. Hunter also had a much older half-brother, James Thompson, Jr., from his father’s first marriage, who was not part of the Thompson household. Virginia worked as a librarian to support her children, and is described as having become a “heavy drinker” following her husband’s death.[4][8]

MG Affects People Differently

Myasthenia gravis affects people in different ways just like ALS affected Stephen Hawking differently than ALS affected Lou Gehrig, for whom that particular neuromuscular disease is named. Right now I am learning to live with my MG. And right now this blog has reached the requisite 500 words for proper SEO, thanks to my new disease of MG and my old disease of John K Herriot!