Registered child sex offender John Karl Herriot must update his primary address.

For the past five years, LegalNoodle has been conducting oversight of the registered child sex offender information provided by John Karl Herriot to law enforcement agencies. Something is not right with the addresses that Herriot has been providing. I don’t want to be the one who has to monitor this illegal conduct. This is a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

I think that by doing all of the work in these blogs I am being rewarded karmically. This morning on my way to my usual beach workout, someone cut in front of me and then someone turned left in front of him. I had to break harder than I have ever braked a vehicle before. It felt like my old Ford minivan’s front end broke! Amazingly I escaped without a scratch. The universe is rewarding me for writing these blogs.

You may ask yourself, why is Dean McAdams’ the yoga practitioner really being so hard on CMEN founder John Herriot? Because in 2015 Herriot began disseminating misrepresentations that caused Jeff Cowan and his crime partners to steal my car and laptop with valuable files. John Herriot caused me a lot of pain in Palm Springs by lying that there was a restraining order against me. It’s like the gay men in CMEN believed that there was a universal restraining order preventing me from existing on the face of the earth. Homosexuals are so hysterical that they don’t understand than a restraining order is an actual document that needs to be submitted to law enforcement. The good news is that I burned out on the whole “gay” thing. At least now Jeff Cowan knows what a restraining order really is because now he has so many restraining orders issued against him in two different states that I can’t keep up with his crimes.

This investigation has been instrumental in getting Mr. Herriot to comply with the law by registering as a Tennessee sex offender. The reason sex offenders are registered for life is because it is generally believed by mental health professionals and criminologists that pedophiles can never be fully rehabilitated. John Herriot is an excellent demonstration of this fact. For the past forty years Herriot has engaged in documented deceptive behavior. The purpose of this post is to expose his current non-compliance with the law.

john herriot sex offender registration non-compliance
Herriot non-compliance began on 3/19/2010

Sex Offenders Must Provide Changes of Address to Law Enforcement

In his continual and ongoing pattern of deception, for the past ten years, Mr. Herriot has failed to include his new primary residence at 7309 Franklin Avenue, Unit 105, Los Angeles, California 90046 to both California and Tennessee authorities.

John’s primary address on Megan’s Law and the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry is his outdated ten year-old 920 N. Kings Road apartment in West Hollywood, where John no longer resides. Therefore to be in compliance with the law Herriot needs to update his residence on both Megan’s Law and the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry to his current address at 7309 Franklin Ave., Unit 105, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

john karl herriot tennessee sex offender registry law change of address

Here is Mr. Herriot’s current public information on and other public information sources.

John Herriot is 70 years old. He was born on July 28, 1951 in Palo Alto, California. Currently John lives at the address 7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 105, Los Angeles CA 90046. John has lived at this Los Angeles, CA address for about 11 years, after moving in around February of 2010. John previously lived at 8535 W West Knoll Dr, Unit 314, West Hollywood CA 90069 for 9 years, starting in September of 2009. Going further back, starting in January of 2019, John lived at 8424 Santa Monica Blvd, Unit 583, West Hollywood CA 90069 for 2 years.

John’s current phone number is (323) 786-2533. This Landline number was issued by CLEC LLC – CA’, first reported in public records on May of 1999. Past phone numbers for John include (323) 650-4381(323) 380-6221 and (760) 364-2069.

The primary email address for John is 
John has also used the following email:,,, and

Landline Pacific Bell Telephone Company First reported May 2011

(801) 243-2322

Little League Baseball Uniform Domains Registered to Herriot

reverse whois lookup john herriot's youth league baseball uniform domain names

When you go to that website uses the interface.

John Karl Herriot is the owner and president of

youth league deception

Also Known As

John N Herriot, John Harriot, John Herrlot

Previous Addresses used by John Herriot

920 N Kings Rd, Unit 204
W Hollywood CA 90069

954 Scott Center Rd
Susquehanna PA 18847

Wayne County Recorded August 2005

8424 Santa Monica Blvd, Unit A
W Hollywood CA 90069

Los Angeles County Recorded October 2004

310 Hopi Trl
Yucca Valley CA 92284

San Bernardino County Recorded September 2009
Home Phone: (760) 364-2069
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FOR EXPERIENCED INVESTIGATORS ONLY: Known Associates of this Offender

Robert Resurrecion (former lover)

Age 58 (Apr 1963)

Christina Fawaz

Age 38 (Aug 1983)

Michelle Johnson

Age 56 (Sep 1965)

Steven Fujinami

Age 66 (Nov 1955)

Gregory Bell

Age 55 (Oct 1966)

Joseph Engel

Age 42 (Feb 1979)

Leslie Bell

Age 81 (Apr 1940)

Linda Walker

Age 65 (Dec 1955)

Michael Selby

Age 63 (Jul 1958)

Aaron Bujak

Age 37 (Aug 1984)

Adriam Velasco

Age 35 (Sep 1986)

Alejandro Gonzalez

Age 49 (Sep 1972)

Alexander Lawrence

Age 31 (Aug 1990)

Ali Siddiqui

Age 57 (Aug 1964)

Alison Hastings

Age 28 (Mar 1993)

Alma Mcgreal

Age 75 (Aug 1946)

Andrew Sklar (CMEN business partner)

Age 42 (May 1979)

Annie Ing

Antonio Mauro

Age 50 (Oct 1971)

Benjamin Hinton

Age 38 (Jun 1983) Show More…

cmen sex leader herriot holler hohenwald tn
Sex Offender Registration Laws Exist to Protect the Innocent Neighbors of John Karl Herriot: 

Scarlett Chorvat

7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 106
Los Angeles CA 90046

Vladimir Ekman

(323) 304-9777

7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 103
Los Angeles CA 90046

Maureen Steinhauer

(310) 557-3783

7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 102
Los Angeles CA 90046

S Matias

7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 101
Los Angeles CA 90046

Svetlana Grinshtein

7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 201
Los Angeles CA 90046


(323) 857-6547

7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 202
Los Angeles CA 90046

Nancy Good

7309 Franklin Ave, Unit 203
Los Angeles CA 90046

john karl herriot megan's law change of address

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.