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My Craigslist Date From Heaven Turned Into a Transformational Experience 


UPDATE: This website is now an emotional health blog for women who want to help men live active openly heterosexual lifestyles in California. The whole gay thing is just another excuse to sell you something. Only use gay as an alternative sexual lifestyle Plan B. Last night I responded to a tantrika’s post on Craigslist and ended up at a private sweat lodge ceremony at a beautiful home on a dirt road in Joshua Tree. I will call the tantrika Louise and the shaman David.

Louise the tantrika was physically attractive enough, her face was okay, huge body and a pot belly. However I would love her. She is a nice person and I certainly am willing to accept her 57 year old Quebec body and faded beauty. Not bad for Craigslist, she contacted me as soon as I emailed her. Louise’s body mass is twice the size of mine and I prefer petites. I would get together with Louise in a heartbeat (one of the few heartbeats that I have left), however I rarely get very far with women bigger than me. There were other women my age at the ceremony that ignited much more electro-chemical stimulus in me. The cool thing is the looks I was getting from younger women a the ceremony. There are always way more women than men at these types of events. Whatever happens with Louise she is a total winner for introducing me to David and the locals. I quickly left my Saturday night cheap thrill at the door with Louise and entered the realm of higher consciousness with my new Native American tribe.  

I thought I was looking for a goddess date in the desert on a Saturday night and ended up in higher consciousness with God itself. Group higher conscousness with the American Indians, native peoples, locals, students, children, beautiful souls . . . I seek intimate communion with God all of his creation and I found it. What started out as a date with a radiant desert goddess ended up in intimate sexual consciousness healing.


Sweat Lodge Sexual Healing


The healing purpose of the sweat lodge is to leave behind what no longer serves you. Leave it behind in the sweat and tears. Leave the negative behind and find a new life in the sweat lodge ceremony.  My sexual energy is transforming into the spiritually masculine in the high desert. I was flirting with the dark side of my submissive energy down in the low desert of Palm Springs. God brought me up to Yucca Valley to experience the white light, white heat regeneration of my masculine consciousness in the high desert. I am re-connecting to the soul or archetypal womanhood. 

I no longer desperately need women for wanton sexual gratification like I did when I was a kid. I have learned to love. I have learned how to feel. I have learned how to love and feel women. Sexologist and gynecologist Dr. Paul Allen taught me how to love women and myself. The eternal sweat lodge taught me to leave my self-doubt behind. The secret to learning is learning to release. The secret of love is letting go of conceptions and conditions. I am learning to love women all over again as a mature spiritual man. I let go of my submissiveness and become pure consciousness basking in the luminosity of its own reflection. I am consciousness and woman is mine.


Eternal Sweat Lodge Consciousness


craigslist date

My Craigslist Date From Heaven

I have always been really into steam rooms, saunas and Jacuzzi’s. Anything that makes you sweat. Sweating makes the body feel cleaner than it has ever felt before. Sweating is the body’s natural healing system, both physically and mentally. I came to the ceremony prepared to experience the consciousness of sweating as integral to my physical and spiritual cleanliness. Taken literally the sweat lodge is a great way to cleanse the body. Taken symbolically the sweat lodge is a great way to begin an new life. 


Sweat Lodge Social Network


It was really good to meet some people outside of my current network of alternative souls in the Palm Springs area. The singing was incredible. I was swept up and hummed along with the words. Afterwards we shared a meal together. The people were very warm, open and loving. This is a totally private affair. If you are interested I will ask David if it is okay for you to attend some evening. Until then the exact details will never be posted or revealed by this grateful author. Even if you try to kill me I am into near death experience. If you try to kill me you will just read about it here. If you try to kill me you will just make me a more interesting person because what people really want to hear about is near death experience. 


Sweat Lodge Near Death Experience


What does the sweat lodge ceremony have in common with freemasonry? They are both about symbolic death and rebirth. The sweat lodge symbolizes death and rebirth as a pure and perfect soul. Masonic ritual is based upon symbolic death and rebirth as a man of character. I am stretching this out to include both the sweat lodge and freemasonry with my current fascination with near death experiences. 

The experience of the ceremony, spiritual, near death, literal skin pore cleansing, is what one brings to it. As I said to my host David at the beginning: “I am feeling a transformation in my consciousness.” David responded: “Then it will happen. Leave it all here,” as he pointed to the unlit logs in the fire pit waiting to be ignited. “Let it all burn up.” 

I am burning up my old ego and breaking free out here in the healing desert. God’s energy is everywhere out here in Joshua Tree. God’s people are here also and I thank God I am with them. I am experiencing union with God and his people. Intimate communion with existence. Eternally cosmic out here in the desert. Immaculate. Amen. Have a beautiful Sunday!


modern sweat lodge

Modern Sweat Lodge