SAY NO TO THUGS: MHC Permits Trumpism to Murder Masons

Masons who didn’t wear masks are dead. The problem is Judy Figueroa.

The problem is not dead residents, the problem is the current administrators. None of our deceased Brethren were fastidious mask wearers! I get that these are frail old men but we simply must find a way to protect them from themselves. Judy Figueroa doesn’t work with people, she gives them enough rope and then punishes them instead of solving problems.

The last time I saw 93 year-old Bro. R.H. alive he had apparently broken or lost his eye glasses because it was the first time I had ever seen him without them. When I asked Rapid R. where his glasses were he looked bewildered and so the nurse answered for him. She said that R. was on his way to the doctor about his glasses. Everyone except for our dearly departed Bro. R.H. was wearing a mask.

84 year-old Bro. C.D. knew better but he was stubborn and he was my buddy. He never wore his mask over his nose properly and he was quarantined in the early pandemic for reaching into his visitors automobile to retrieve something. I kept wanting to say something like C.D. should have been locked up for his own protection. 84 is a young and tender age to be dying around here.

Finally we have my 91 year-old neighbor Bro. B.P. who either did not wear a mask or only wore it over his mouth and now he is dead.

I have only altered this email by replacing B.P’s full name with his initials, here is my subject line:

I almost got injured by an electric wheelchair coming up swiftly and silently behind me

Dean McAdams <>Mon, Oct 12, 2020, 10:19 AM
to Judy

Just now as I was at the book signing back in to campus, B.P. came up silently behind me from out of the mail room just as I was turning around.  If my body was not in great shape I would have been injured in my twisted motion as I stopped my feet from going under his wheels.  All Bill said was “whoops!”  Mr. P. was not wearing a mask and he could have easily given me a verbal or some other warning.  I see these new silent fast wheel chairs that the residents are zipping around as being a danger, as you well know after staff member Marichu was injured by Judy’s scooter last year.  For that reason scooters are banned from our dining room.  At the very least the new fast scooters need bells to warn.  In my recent experience they are just too dangerous to be underfoot all the time.
I did not even bother to explain the danger to Mr P. because he would intentionally not understand.  For weeks he went around publicly accusing me of stealing the Sports page of the LA Times when in fact, as I pointed out to him, the Sports section had been recently consolidated into the California section of the paper. When I pointed out his error, Mr. P. played deaf, dumb and blind.  You know the drill.  
So will you please remedy this safety problem that is evolving with wheelchair technology?
Thank you,Dean

Judy Figueroa <>Mon, Oct 12, 2020, 10:24 AM
to Jennifer, me

Thank you Dean, I will have jennifer meet with bill for using his chair recklessly and not wearing a mask

Judy Figueroa doesn’t work with people, she punishes them.

The problem is not pro-Trump anti-mask law breakers. The problem is not red state Freemasons continually breaking MHC’s rules. The problem is that Judy Figueroa does not enforce the laws equally. Proper application of the Rule of Law would indicate that anyone who intentionally goes outside their apartment at MHC without a mask must be relocated. Approximately every other morning or so, Bro. D.A. and I are outside at the same time in the morning. We both like to go outside to greet the sunrise surrounded by nature on our beautiful campus here at the Masonic Home in Covina. The only thing that has changed in this deadly winter surge is that I am always wearing a mask and D.A. is not. I am quite sure that if I were the one to be violating our mandatory mask rule that D.A. would be complaining loudly to Judy Figueroa. If the Rule of Law were to be applied, then a security camera should be installed outside of D.A.’s apartment just like the camera that was recently installed outside of my apartment in retaliation for complaining to DSS. The Brethren who have died all had problems wearing masks properly just like our reigning Trump supporter has a political problem with wearing a mask.

I need to make Bobbie Dimmitt into Judy Figueroa’s problem

The problem is not Martinez and his crew intentionally transgressing upon my space. Malcontent employees are just doing what miscreants do. They have been getting away with murder for years and there is no logical reason for them to suddenly become productive and respectful employees. The problem is that Judy Figueroa fails to properly supervise Martinez’ supervisors Dimmitt and Rodriguez. I need to make Martinez and Dimmitt into Judy Figueroa’s problem so that they are no longer my problem.

At least install a camera outside the mask violators window like MHC did to me for contacting DSS in the early lockdown

In my opinion Ms. Figueroa is failing to properly execute the duties of her office. She is threatening me with relocation for an honest mistake. Read Ms. Figueroa’s threatening letter to me. She is correct where she states that I was improperly wearing my mask around my neck instead properly pulled up over my face. But Bro. D.A. doesn’t even wear a mask around his neck. He doesn’t even fake it by wearing it over his mouth only. My mask was intentionally pulled down because I was always out walking while maintaining huge social distancing parameters. I apologize. You will never see me with my mask down again even while exercising. For Ms. Figueroa to state that I have received my final warning and will be relocated while D.A. smiles as he flaunts the rules violates the fundamental principle of The Rule of Law.

problem is judy figueroa
I have never seen Bro. D.A. wear a mask in his life. Even when he walks past my window. IT WILL BE ON VIDEO! D.A. is a pro-Trump radical anti-masker. (Satellite image from Google Maps)