Award for Most Dysfunctional Family in America

How I ended up with two bastard nephews named Justin.

If there is one thing that I could possibly do to repay my debt to society I would make sure that the criminals in my family have a difficult time stealing and scamming other people just like they ripped me off. My siblings and nephews are small time confidence artists that only hurt legitimate members of society who are honest and trusting. They are too chicken shit to hang out with real criminals so they burn their family members and insurance companies instead. If you ever see Justin L McAdams coming into your life I would turn around and run away as fast as you can.

justin mcadams worst employee ever
Justin McAdams – America’s worst gaffer

Why do they both have the same first name if they are cousins in the same family and Justin L. McAdams was born after Justin Syfers?

My world renowned dysfunctional family has two illegitimate offspring named Justin. This is because my brother Dennis McAdams never told us about his out-of-wedlock son named Justin Syfers who was born in 1980 and my sister Debbie McAdams spawned her illegitimate son named Justin in 1982. The first one born was Justin Syfers, however Justin L. McAdams is my favorite bastard nephew named Justin because he followed in my footsteps and became a failure in the film and television production business.

justin mcadams darkfire lighting design gaffer

Bastard Number One: Justin L. McAdams

The last time I spoke to the little bastard he was trying to bullshit me that he had just bought a house in Santa Clarita, California. You can look him up and see that he is obviously renting a room from Lisette Gamboa & Jorge Gomez-Haro. Justin didn’t realize that I was looking at his IMDB credits while we were talking. The young bastard stopped working in 2014 and I could tell he was on state disability insurance. When we were saying good bye he forgot that he lied about the alleged home purchase and said that he wanted to move someplace . . . he was probably going to say that he wanted to move someplace cheaper so that his disability would go further but he caught himself and said that he wanted to move someplace . . . where he didn’t have to work so hard. I guess that’s why he is working for Darkfire Lighting Design, so that he can scam them and rip them off like he ripped me off. Bastard Number One is probably collecting state disability insurance while he is working under the table at Darkfire.

discovery investigation darkfire lighting design fraud
Bastard Number Two: Justin Syfers

When he was nineteen years old my brother Dennis the Menace got a sixteen year old girl pregnant in Crestline, California. Dennis the Menace became a deadbeat dad and spent his life running from child support for his bastard son Justin Syfers. When my sister Debbie got pregnant by a deadbeat in Houson, Texas. My parents asked us if it would be okay to take the in the legitimate Justin twins. We only wanted one bastard mouth to feed and so Justin McAdams won the coin toss. To this day, Justin Syfers has absolutely no life and he lives with his mom and grandmother in Crestline. Both Justins conspired to steal my inheritance in 2013. That is the story of how my supremely dysfunctional family ended up with two bastards named Justin and why Justin L. McAdams is my favorite bastard nephew named Justin.

Justin Lee McAdams should have his picture on the dictionary page for the definition of bastard