Karma saved my iPhone from falling out of my vehicle.

Sunday morning I wrote a blog about tithing and the rewards that it brings. The rewarding effects of my blog were immediate. Thanks to writing that blog, karma saved my iPhone from falling out of my pocket and getting lost or damaged.

After I finished the tithing blog and breakfast, I had to run a few errands. Sundays are traffic free in the big city and so I take advantage of it. The wide open streets and free parking inspire me to make Sunday a fairly active day of driving and local sightseeing. Senior citizen stealth mode. Since this was one of the briefest trips I have ever made, I let my guard down. I made a quick stop at the post office to mail my Christmas cards and also the public library to return my overdue books.

Flat Shallow Pockets Suck

Normally when I go somewhere, I take my wallet, iPhone and house keys out of my pocket and place them in the handy dash board compartments in my mini-van. But I didn’t follow my usual and customary procedure on my quick stops yesterday. Then, after I got home and ate lunch, I couldn’t find my iPhone and neither could the Find my iPhone app on my iPad. I cursed the lame flat pockets in my cheap jacket that allow objects to easily slide right out onto the ground.

Helping children is good karma

I hopped in my car and raced off the the Post Office four blocks away. Jumping out of my van and walking the few steps to the mail box I scanned the area like a mad dog. A kid was trying to find the slot in the mail box just like I was two hours ago. “It’s a really small slot,” I said, “barely big enough for an envelope to fit.” The kid said, “No I think it’s welded shut.” I was busy walking back to my car when I heard his father say, “Thanks” from his SUV as he was waiting for his kid. I was in my usual child protection mode and I think that this must give me really good karma. My volunteer service to my community is making registered child sex offenders comply with the law and blogging about it.

Photo credit: Ashkan Forouzani/Unsplash
Speed Kills

Walking back to my car scanning every inch of concrete and asphalt I thought to myself, “If I dropped it I would have felt it or heard it or saw it.” When I opened my driver’s door, there was my iPhone, perched on the seat belt mount, getting ready to fall all the way out of the vehicle and into Culver Boulevard. Karma saved my iPhone from falling out of my coat pocket and into the street.

Photo credit: Amir Hanna/Unsplash

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.