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Confederate Civil War General Statues

Melt Down Kaur Girl Swords Into Plowshares

Shouldn’t we melt down all the Sikh swords while we are tearing down and melting all of our Confederate Civil War General statues? Who do these Kaur girls want to cut with their swords?

This look that these five sword wielding girls have on their faces is the same look that Dya Kaur and the kundalini yoga teachers had on their faces the night they ex-communicated me from the Sikh-based Kundalini yoga religion at Yoga West.  I was used to Kundalini women like Gurmurk without make-up on their faces, and so Dya and the Yoga West teachers took me by surprise with her Hollywood actress baby-doll look. Sword wielding Kaur girls are actually mean little girls. 

kaur baby

I Am Not Interested In Kaur Girls, Only Kundalini Yoga

If I had of known just a little bit more about the Sikh religion and Kaur philosophy before I started Kundalini yoga teacher training, I think I would still be a member of the 3HO lifestyle today. Please don’t cut me, I’m just a skinny old man who likes to practice yoga. Now I am not even into kundalini class anymore. Thanks to Adarsh Kaur I get my yoga the cheap and easy way on YouTube Red now!

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That Angry Kaur Girl


I simply had no idea how war-like the Sikh women are. I could intuitively tell that the Kaur girl vibe at Yoga West said, do not talk to me. I would never have initiated conversation with any woman at Yoga West. My problem was that Guru Singh made us interact with each other. I had absolutely no choice except to reveal my half-baked notions of Shiva-Shakti union to yoga teacher Dya Kaur. Big mistake on my part. I tried to apologize and take it back, to no avail.

I went to Dya and Adarsh Kaurs regular yoga classes after they kicked me out of the official religion, but they never ever said anything. Then they just kicked me all of the way out of Yoga West by cancelling my $130/per month unlimited monthly membership.

Now I see that kaur women expect the world to bow down to them. I did not know that prior to Yoga West. It is important to let prospective kundalini yoga students know what they are in for. Kundalini yoga is part of the sword ritual intensive Sikh religion.

kaur bowing

I Only Bow Down to Your Marketing Skills

Now that I know a little bit more about the Sikhs, I love their advertising and marketing. The Sikh religion is a paradox of sex and violence, and they handle the Internet really well. The Sikhs and I actually have a lot in common. How strange to think that I was actually going to join the Sikh religion by proxy if I became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Instead of joining the Sikh religion I have become a critic. There is too much real violence in the Sikh religion and I am not going to bow down to them.

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