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The new LegalNoodle infinity logo is red in honor of the journalistic blood shed when Saudi Arabia torture-murdered blogger Jamal Khashoggi.  You could be a Washington Post foreign correspondent with stellar academic & professional journalism credentials or you could be a hyperbolic blogger who has worked as a messenger in law and media.  If they want you they will drag you out of bed and laugh as they cut your fingers off one-by-one in front of your wife and kids.  The current President of Los Estados Unidos only wants to know how much blood money he and his children will make on the deal. 

This website is a media outlet and not a provider of legal goods or services.  If you need legal advice you are already in serious trouble.  It may already be too late for legal remedies.  If you are trying to contact me for legal help you are breaking the law.  If you want justice make attorney Thomas Jefferson proud and publish a blog.  Lawyers and politicians can’t help you anymore.  You need to take action.  Pick your battles.  If they murder you then it won’t matter if you don’t like guys putting their yoga mat next to yours.  

murdered journalist

With the murder of Washington Post correspondent Jamal Khashoggi this website has become radicalized against fascism.  One hundred years ago fascism was extremely popular in Europa and now it is rearing its ugly head in the Arab world.  Fascism is not just sloganeering from the European theorists.  Fascism influences the world stage and the yoga studio.  Journalism must maintain vigilance or the ideological influence of fascism can corrupt almost any aspect of life.     


A journalist could be anyone with a media outlet.  A journalist writes in a journal about important public issues. Bloggers are journalists.  


Media Outlet

Journalists supply journalism to media outlets and a blog is a media outlet.  A blog is a personal media outlet.  LegalNoodle is a personal media outlet.  If you lead an exciting life then you may be well suited for a career as a blogger.  Bloggers constantly need new experiences to write about.  You need to take action.  You have been lied to and it is not going to get any better.

Grip Penis Envy

Grip penis envy like you grip those huge Sikh swords you pose and play with.  

get grip penis grip envy

Grip On

It is not okay for Saudi Arabia to execute the murderers of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  However it is quite acceptable to me if they all have nice little traffic accidents in Riyadh.  Nobody wants anybody else anywhere. 

It’s a cold hard world out there and nobody gives a damn. -New Order

Khashoggi went to high school with Osama bin Laden and Mr. Khashoggi did advocate an Islamic state so nobody is completely innocent.  I loudly scoff at and violate many highway safety laws designed to protect myself and others.  In other words I often drive over the posted speed limit.  Nobody is completely innocent. 

Nobody is Completely Innocent

Monday I went to my P.O. box at the beach to retrieve two months worth of mail, including my mail-in ballot.  For the first time in a year I drove by Dr. Paul Allen’s duplex in Westchester.  His car wasn’t there.  Somebody moved the blinds aside and looked out the window as I drove by, however I could not see who it was.  The good doctor’s California medical license has expired as have his other licenses on other states.  I don’t think he is working anymore and maybe he doesn’t live in Westchester any longer.  The man has a large beautiful family and they are all live east of the Mississippi River, hence my most recent forays to NYC and New Orleans.  I should write more about those adventures.  Nobody is completely innocent.   

Logo Update

This is the first time this blog has had a decent logo in three years.  I have spend a lot of time the past two days on my new artwork.  The infinity symbol was borrowed from the nice people at VideoBlocks.  

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