How Do You Know When to Kill the Golden Goose?

You should never actually kill a low-performing golden goose just for one big last payday from your gay escorting services.  Just put the non-egg laying old homosexual geezers out to pasture. When your gay goose gets grey and stops laying golden eggs, you just treat him differently. When the goose outlives his purpose you no longer have to tolerate his presence. You aren’t going to keep a dirty, smelly, noisy non-golden egg laying goose inside your villa anymore are you?  

On the other hand you don’t want to actually kill the creepy little guy. The goose served his main purpose, so live and let live. The decrepit old geezer gooze will still dribble out a few aberrated homosexual golden nuggets out under the fruit trees. All you have to do is run around the backyard with a shovel and scoop them up into a barrel. That’s what I do . . .


golden eggsGolden Years in
the Golden State  

There is a saying among career sex industry workers: “Use the escorting business before it uses you.” My escorting career lasted about a year. In today’s fast paced professional services marketplace knowing when to re-tool your brand is crucial. The key is to lay a foundation of golden nest eggs in the form of a diversified retirement portfolio.  That portfolio should also include a nice fat golden goose laying the monthly nugget of subsidized rent or other some other type of steady income resource. 

The professional life span of an escort is about the same as that of a major league baseball left-handed pitcher, 10-15 years?  Maybe a little more. How do you know when to get out of the escorting business? When all of your clients feel creepy and you can’t stand them anymore. Develop a sideline like paralegal or investigative blogger. The pay is not as good but you get to keep most of your soul. Men pay for prostitutes because they want to control and humiliate. The intelligent escort gets over on them before they can get over on him. My career lasted about a year and I just read an article about a guy who escorted for six months.  Good job kid, well done!

goldengoosepetNative Son of
the Golden West:

The Accidental Escort


Accidental escort and accidental human trafficking investigator. That’s the name of this blog. A few nights ago I had a dream about my escorting mentor Dr. McDuff. In my dream I was explaining to the busy doctor that my iPhone seems to be in love with his iPhone. My iPhone likes to automatically voice dial the doc’s iPhone. In the dream I was telling him to ignore my self-dialing iPhone because we just text like everyone else nowadays anyway, right?  He texts and wants to get together but I just can’t feel it anymore.  I’m not desperate for expensive LA housing and I’m getting really jaded with the monotony of great sex.  Besides, at present I have Goldhammer the Gay Golden Goose subsidizing my spiritual desert lifestyle.  My very brief escorting career was strictly out of dire financial necessity. I looked at my sun-tanned gym body in the mirror and began getting ideas about how to diversify my paralegal services into other professions that begin with the letter “P”. Dr. McDuff was a great first client but he is too cheap to really interest me with all of my other options available here in this totally gay desert.

HIRED MATH:  If my 75 year-old gay gynecologist is paying a heterosexual shamen $200 an hour, why am I giving him my million dollar bisexual yoga body for free?  My dad was right about my mediocre middle school math performance, you will have a need for algebra in real life!

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.