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Why do some divinely draped devotees of the Dalit Sikh faith don shining white turbans upon their illuminated domes whilst others do not?  Is Sikhism analogous to a religious buffet?  Can I eat the parts I like and just leave the rest behind?  Kundalini by Yogi Bhajan advertises yoga and sells Sikh religion in a bait & switch yoga scam.  It’s all about creating yoga products to sell.  

kundalini kuar chanting
I’m only in it for my solos, keep those other bitches off my goddamned stage!

The Sikh gurus depicted in the icons seen in Kundalini studios have absolutely nothing to do with authentic, old school, Kundalini yoga.  Can you say Saraswati and Sivananda?  Kundalini synthesized by Bhajan is bait & switch yoga.  The white clothes, turbans, and guru worship are modified from the Sikh religion. 

Please tell me you are scared I will have you ejected from Yoga West

Yogi Bhajan even created a third and separate religion down the street from Yoga West called Sikh Dharma.  Kundalini Bait & Switch Yoga as manufactured by Yogi Bhajan is a very contentious and offensive religion.  Kundalini yoga practitioners are armed 24/7 and constantly drilling to be on the offensive.

pregnancy yoga

kundalini kaur kripan

russell brand sikh style

Child Trafficking

Is it child trafficking to arm your child and teach them to be violent?  Is it negligent supervision to let your young child learn to look for an enemy?  If you are considering taking Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training you should know exactly what you are getting into.  Are Sikh parents training their children to associate ice cream with kirpans? 

child centered

One Hundredth Monkey

Don’t do something just because everybody else is doing it, that’s how homosexuality got started.  People saw gay Greek men having great sex on wine amphora’s and everyone rushed out to be the first one on their block to try the next big thing.  Don’t get all excited about Kundalini like I did and rush out and order a couple of white t-shirts on Amazon just because Guru Singh did it.  Don’t run out and buy a white turban just because you want be higher up in the Sikh turban contest.  Wearing special white religious garments designed on Melrose Avenue does not make you a more (or less) spiritual person.

oxymoron pregnancy yoga

Wouldn’t it be better to have been the first sucker to “don” a turban?

Switch Yoga to a Safe Harbor

The purpose of this article is to propose a safe harbor for people who want to practice kundalini yoga without the Sikh religion.  In much the same manner that Bodhi Dharma stripped down Buddhism to it’s essence to create Zen, this blog posits the theory that Kundalini Yoga as synthesized by Yogi Bhajan be stripped of it’s warlike and combative elements. In the interest of public safety Yoga West should provide a safe harbor for non-violent yoga students. 

kundalini weaponization

Eliminate Kirpans With Civil War General Statues

If we are going to eliminate Confederate General Civil War statues and all of the negative connotations they imply, shouldn’t we eliminate the Kundalini Kirpan Knives also?  A yoga studio should be a safe place for the non-kirpan carrying public.  

Semi-Exclusive… 50926391 “Get Him to the Greek” star Russell Brand looks like a holy man as he heads to his yoga class on October 25, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813

russell brand kundalini clothes

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.