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Kundalini Kool-Aid Kids | Mass Induced Gullibility

10-11-2018 UPDATE | BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE – I think this is the first blog where I came up with the Kool-Aid analogy.  

After reading Guru Meher’s, Senses of the Soul, I decided to move back to Los Angeles and take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.  I knew that spending almost $4,000 on yoga tuition wasn’t going to add that much to my yoga practice, I just wanted to meet some cool people and hang out.  Plus I was burnt out on living in Palm Springs.  You could say that my brain was fried and my gullibility factor was on low due to the fact that my life had already been transformed by yoga breathing

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Yoga West Review:

All my life I have been a sucker for snake oil salesman selling yoga products.  But when I heard Guru Meher speak for the first time my gullibility factor went on high.  Guru Meher and Yoga West do not provide good value for your yoga dollar.  These days I prefer to pay $10.00/per month for YouTube Premium with no commercials.  Music, yoga, movies, documentaries all in the privacy of my own home. If Dya Kaur and Adarsh don’t like it.  Too bad.

Baba O’Riley

When I told Guru Meher that I had read Senses of the Soul he replied: “Are you serious, I didn’t think anyone read that stuff.”  True story!  I felt so uncomfortable standing there on the side walk talking to this funny little man that my next awkward comment was: “What’s your name?”  True story!  I thought his first name would be Baba or something like that and his last name was Meher.  His reply was “My name is Guru Meher, Guru it is first name”.  At least that’s what I think he said, my external composure was rapidly disintegrating because inwardly I was just really disappointed that this guy turned out to be an everyday $17.00/per hour yoga teacher.  I was expecting greatness.    

Tantric Bait and Switch

When Guru Meher started talking in a regular everyday salesman’s voice a cataclysmic chain of events began in my fall from grace with the Kundalini woo woo Guru committee.  First off Guru Meher explained that Yogi Bhajan’s version of Kundalini was householder yoga.  Saraswati and Sivananda’s versions of Kundalini are not householder yoga.  Yoga Bhajan advertises himself as the head tantric guru of the world and he sells White Tantra products as evidence.  I did not want tantric householder yoga.  Householder’s have to comply with women’s demands.  I don’t have that restriction.  I am free.  I wanted liberation yoga. I wanted tantra and I did at least get a little teen tiny bit at Yoga West.  But I paid.  I paid for every little scrap I got at Yoga West.  

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