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Kundalini Arms of Death

Spirit Power

Today I accessed spirit power to overcome the storm and stress of shoulder pain in class on my yoga mat. Kundalini yoga is arm and shoulder intensive.  Most classes teach kriyas where holding arms and shoulders extended for long periods of time is done to access spirit and soul power.  The long painful sessions of holding the arms extended our a test of physical emotional and spiritual endurance. 

Spirit power

My first experience with this type of Kundalini extended arm exercise was actually at a David Deida spinoff seminar. It was at a. Workshop give by Eli Cohen, I think that was his name. He was a David Deida teaching assistanant.  He used this similar type of shoulder endurance exercise in which I was partnered with Michael Filipowich. We were not introduced to the concept of Kundalini spirit powers in that brief seminar.  Years later, Mr. Filipowich told me to take Kundalini Teacher  Training.  Next week I will write a check to Yoga West  for just that. 

The two years I just spent meditating in the desert has had a profound effect upon my choices now. I haven’t contactd Dr. Allen since I’ve been back in Playa for exactly one week!  I drove by his house and noticed that he had new window treatments.  I don’t want to contact him because I want to create a completely new life for myself. I don’t want to contact anybody I know because they are all either gay or homosexual and I want something different now.  

Gay prison

Today for lunch I ate broccoli and green drink. It tasted terrible just like my idol Jack Lalane said it supposed to do. Jack always said that if it tastes too good, spit it out fast because it’s bad for you! 

I have finally reached a point in my life where God is the only thing that matters to me. At night I don’t pursue my usual interest because all I wanted do is lay in bed and meditate about my Kundalini class I took that day.

Kundalini spirit power