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The Moon is the monthly marker of Kundalini rising in the river in my consciousness. I feel like I am being born and dying at the same time. The power of prayer and mediation is healing my broken body so visually that I should be getting obscenely rich in the Beverly Hills healing business. My secret to spiritual success has been to keep most of it to myself, and this blog. I practice Kundalini yoga five to seven times a week at Yoga West on Robertson Blvd. and I only talk about it a little bit when I am there. I am intentionally keeping a low profile at Yoga West because I don’t want to turn my Kundalini experience into a mass appeal social experience. 

Kundalini Tech God

Kundalini yoga has the best spiritual technology of any religion I have experienced so far. KY is definitely worth the price of admission. I suggest a monthly unlimited membership. By practicing KY twice a week you will transform your life. I am working at it extra hard because it is the only thing I want to do in life.

heart river

If it looks like a religion, walks like a religion and talks like a religion, it is probably just another social club with live entertainment. Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City is a religion with one of the hottest shows in Los Angeles on Sunday mornings. I transcended an entire now-defunct religion with Agape . That dead religion was called Religious Science and was actually a really cool religion. I would still be a Religions Scientist if RS were still in existence. 

river religion

The Kundalini yogis are a brand new religion that have evening events that are more social oriented but I do not attend, mainly because they are at night and I don’t go out at night. I’m pissing on anything that smacks of religion so please step out of the way. 


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