Kundalini Yoga Is Part of An Armed Religion

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Sikh Yoga Brawling

Kundalini yoga is an offensive religion because all you have to do is sit there on your yoga mat not harming a fly and you could be attacked right then and there in the yoga studio. I’m lucky to be alive. Kundalini yoga as created by Yogi Bhajan is really a contentious affair that could also be called Sikh Yoga West. I am writing this blog to defend myself against the offensive actions of Sick Yoga West into my sadhana.

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Sikh Sword Yoga

Sikh Sword Yoga

When I saw photographs of the women at Yoga West practicing Sikhism with their swords, I erroneously assumed the armed and dangerous Kaur girls went out to remote locations to stab bad guys. I was wrong. When I paid for classes at Yoga West, I became the target. Sikh women attack men for coming into their yoga studios. Sikhs brawl almost exclusively inside their own temples among themselves. It makes safety sense from the Sikh woman’s perspective. Why would a Sikh woman go out attacking dangerous criminals in the street when she can stay at home and attack the guy on the yoga mat sitting next to her practicing Sikh kundalini yoga? The only way for me to stop Sikh temple brawling was for me to stay out of Sikh temples and yoga studios. We live in a dangerous world and everyone is ultimately responsible for their own safety. If you hang out with people who play with swords, you are going to get cut!

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Kaur Girls

Yoga West is operated by the Kaur Sisters Adarsh and Dya. Kaur girls just love swords. All Kaur kids, both boys and girls are taught to love and enjoy swords from a very young age. But is this really what we want or need in America today? Don’t we have enough violence, pain and misery in the world without glorifying bloodshed in our religions? Being an open minded and tolerant person can be dangerous when the Kaur Girls are trying to emasculate you with a sword. I do not have a sword. How do I fight back against the Kaur Sisters? How can the Kaur Sisters deny my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I’m calling Adarsh Kaur and her big sister Dya out onto the carpet right now. You let me bring a sword and let’s make it a fair fight. I’ll meet you at high noon at the OK Corral. We can have a sword fight and solve our differences the Sikh way.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.