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What Flavor is Your Turban?


   Kaur Flavored Kool-Aid is Safe For Kids!   

Turbans are the new Kool-Aid that you can wear instead of drink!  In the past, religious cult members had to commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide Kool-Aid.  Now you can kill your own brain in comfort by wearing a stylish Sikh turban as a culturally appropriate alternative to oral or anal methods. 

turban kool-aid

The good news is that if you change your mind, you can take a turban off before you die.  Kool-Aid doesn’t work that way.  If you change your mind with Kool-Aid, you can’t undo it by vomiting cyanide.  But that’s never gonna happen with your trusty turban. If you change your mind you can just knock the damn turban off your head right before you take your last gasp.  See?  Guru worship is Kool as Kundalini Kool-Aid, tell your friends!

guru kool-aid

Old White Hippie Dude With Alzheimer’s 

Too bad the People’s Temple didn’t have sexy Sikh turbans in that miserable jungle at Jonestown.  If you want to ride the big new cool wave of sexy Sikh style then wake up and drink your Kool-Aid with Reverend White Man Singh.  It’s okay because Guru Singh is not really an old white man, just ask him, he’ll tell you.  Guru Singh is not an old white man because scam artist Guru Singh Says that he is not an old white man.  So shut up and drink your Kool-Aid. 

Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract and Civil Fraud

Guru Singh has brainwashed Beverly Hills with sexy Sikh style.  Now everybody wants to don a Dalit Sikh turban upon their fashionable dome. The purpose of this article is to illustrate the astonishing manner in which Guru White Male Singh gets paid to tell white people that he is not a white person.  Is this that Jewish guilt thing I’ve heard about?  Why would healthy happy wholesome people in a place like Beverly Hills sit still for such complete nonsense?  Are these nice well-heeled Beverly Hills people so wracked with gilded guilt that they will spend a beautiful Sunday morning listening to an angry old white man complain about angry old white men?  Yoga West is like the Twilight Zone.  Nothing is real.  Kundalini yogis constantly brag about what excellent parents they are and yet there is no hot water at Yoga West and the place is filthy.  I am angry thinking about how much slack I cut Yoga West.  I can’t believe I sat there for five months listening to an angry old white man tell me that he is not white because all white men are bad. This is misrepresentation, breach of contract and civil fraud.  I want my money back. 

rich old white con man

Is Sikhism Like the Catholic Church?

I’m already a goddamned Catholic and now I have to put up with this Sikh shit?  It seems like someone in the Sikh religion would step in an attempt to stop this public trashing of the Sikh name by Guru Singh and Yoga West.  In a perfect world a real Sikh minister would try to show Guru Singh that he is indeed actually a Caucasian. Someone needs to make Guru Singh watch his own racist, sexist YouTube videos.

white con man

Guru Singh Is a Grey-beard White Male Con Artist

The world needs to wake up to the fact that Guru Singh is an old white man no matter if Guru Singh says otherwise. I feel that Guru Singh is taking advantage of the system.  I feel that Guru Singh has taken advantage of me and taking advantage of yoga.  Kundalini yoga exploits the good name of yoga with its bait and switch tactics.  3HO advertises kundalini yoga but is really selling Sikh religion. 

rich old white con man

Brainwashed by Guru White Man

How do you know you haven’t already been brainwashed by Kundalini yoga and the Sikh religion?  We live in an age where people need the media to think for them.  Guru White Man Singh says:  Shut-up and drink your Kundalini Kaur Kool-Aid!.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

With absolutely nothing to base it upon and without even knowing me, Guru Singh Khalsa tried to make me believe that there was something wrong with myself.  At the time I was being vilified at Yoga West I really didn’t know what was happening to me.  Dya Kaur and Yoga West made me feel really sad and depressed last year at holiday time.  The really dangerous thing is that they attempted to anonymously slander my character.  I am just now figuring out who Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker really is.