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Bhajanist Conspiracy

Tej Kaur is custodian of records for the Bhajanist conspiracy known as Siri Singh Sahib, Inc.  Custodian of records is a legal term used to designated whom subpoenas should be served upon in your corporation.  A custodian of records appears at depositions with stacks of documents in a lawsuit.  Guru Singh and all the teachers at Yoga West are surely aware of Yogi Bhajan’s fabricated credentials as a non-Vedic member of an untouchable caste.  I would even question if Yogi Bhajan’s father was really a doctor as suggested by his official biography.  The Bhajanist conspiracy is necessary to protect the business interests of Siri Singh Sahain, Inc., Yoga West and Guru Singh. 

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No Real Yoga Breathing in Bhajanism

There is no real yoga breathing in Bhajanist yoga because it is not real yoga.  Kundalini yoga teachers don’t come down off the teaching platform and do hands on teaching because they do not know how to do hands on teaching.  The more one analyses Yoga West the more fraudulent it becomes.  A real yoga class is much more engaging than the cheap dog and pony show on Robertson Boulevard. 

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There is No Mahan Tantric 

It is well known that there is no clergy in either Hinduism or Sikhi.  Yogi Bhajan bestowing himself with the title Mahan Tantric is the epitome of the fraudulent guru catering to gullible Westerners.  The Bhajanists are preying upon the good will of naive American yoga consumers with this chicanery.  Nobody thinks they are going to get ripped off by nice people wearing white.  The good news is that the Bhajanist conspiracy has done wonders for my vocabulary.  This is the first time I have ever used the word chicanery in a sentence.

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Why Do Yoga Students Fall For This Hoax?

Yoga students are good people who are not aware that they are being fleeced like sheep by hoax yoga.  When I first came to Yoga West I had no idea that the whole thing was so materialistic.  Most people assume that the kundalini yogi’s are sincere.  The whole thing is one big fraud.  Kundalini yoga has beneficial effects, I have written about them here in the past.  Kundalini transformed my life but not at Yoga West and not by paying Kundalini, Inc. exorbitant sums of money.  My ongoing transformation only began after years of hard work practicing yoga and meditation. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.