Guru Eat Guru

Know Your Religion

It’s a guru eat guru world out there and the competition at Yoga West LA is brutal. Kundalini yoga doesn’t want to heal me, kundalini yoga wants me to shut up and go away.  Democracy dies in darkness so I am turning up my brightness controls.  Dya Kaur, Guru Singh and Yoga West LA want to anonymously deny me my basic civil right to exist and this is my story.  

If you meet the Buddha on the side of the road kill him first before he kills you with his organized religion.  Dya Kaur tried to kill me but she failed and now she says she is sorry she got caught.  We live in a guru eat guru world so get used to it bitch.  If you are going to practice Eastern belief systems then you need to know your religion.  No your product.   The Aquarian Teachers manual says yoga teachers are not supposed to complain about paying students or they will be reincarnated as a cockroach.  Dya Kaur tried to deny my right to exist and so I killed her whole goddamned Sikh religion.  Dya Kaur said she wants healing, I say what she wants is to make things better for Dya.  The only thing that can heal me now is community.  I came to Yoga West for healing and community  in October of 2017 and so Dya Kaur is a year late.  I am healing by writing these blogs and I will be in a healing retirement community sometime after the first of the  year.  I need my doctor to return from vacation the week after New Year so he can sign me out of my lease and I’m stuck in Lodi until then . . . 


If you want to heal me then give me something, don’t ask me to do something for you.  Dya Kaur contacted me one full year later to say she is sorry she caused me to be ostracized from the Kundalini community but it is not her fault.  She tried to deny my right to exist on the planet but she was exposed and now she is sorry she got caught.   

Any kundalini yoga teacher who betrays her student will be reincarnated as a cockroach.  – Yogi Bhajan

These Blogs Are The Healing

Dya wants to heal the damage she caused and so she asked me to remove the posts I have written about her.  Pouring my heart out into these blogs is my healing.  Dya Kaur doesn’t want anyone to know what happened.  I get that.  But what do I get? Dya even mentioned in her texts that I came to her yoga classes after she got me kicked out of Kundalini Yoga Teacher training.  That was the time to help me heal.  Dya had her chance to help me heal for over a year.  

What happened is Dya and Yoga West contacted law enforcement authorities and civil attorneys to prosecute me and they found out the reality of their situation.  I did not commit a crime and they have no civil action against my blog.  Thank God for the United States Constitution.  I may not have the right to exist inside the Yoga West studio but that only goes so far. When we get back out on the street we play by the Rule of Law.  Rule of Law means that the law applies equally to everyone, even Bhajanists.  

Obey the Aquarian Teachers Manual

The purpose of this website is to get people to obey the Rule of Law and their own private teaching policies.  The Aquarian Teachers manual states that Dya Kaur and Kundalini yoga teachers are not supposed to say anything about their yoga students.  Kundalini teachers are not even supposed to say anything positive and they are not supposed to have relationships with students outside of class.  The yoga teachers manual has no provision for Dya to correct the problem she has created.  Do you know your religion?

So what did Dya Kaur offer?  Nothing.  I wanted to talk to her a year ago but that wasn’t good enough for her.  Now that she has tried every external means of destroying me and failed, she wants me to send my blogs to the trash and disappear.  That is not going to happen.   Know your religion.

Citizen Carlson

Washington, DC | Wednesday, December 19, 2018 – 9:30 p.m.| Monica Carlson, the 61 year-old mayor of Skagway, Alaska, and her 85 year-old mother were in a cross-walk with a green walk signal at Pennsylvania & 7th in front of the National Archives Museum.  They were hit by an empty Eyre tour bus making a left hand turn and died of their critical injuries a short while later in the hospital.  Earlier in the day they went on a tour of the White House and also visited Arlington National Cemetery where they honored their son and grandson, a United States Marine killed in Afghanistan.  Monica’s husband told the Washington Post that his wife was a “good gal” and “fun loving.”