Yoga Trip Trap


My yoga practice has finally returned to the privacy of my living room where it belongs.  Yoga breathing and movement is much too important to be left to profit-focused Kundalini Guru Singh.  It was very surprising that no Yoga West teachers ever mentioned real yoga breathing. Not one time was breathing even discussed at all.  Perhaps that is why my practice stood out at Yoga West, I am a loud breather.  One of the transformational moments in my life occurred when I learned real ujayi pranayama yoga breathing in 2011.  It didn’t happen as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Take Away.  I learned real yoga breathing in gym yoga classes from a teacher who looks like this:

kundalini yoga teacher training take away

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Take Away

My Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Take Away lesson is to never spend money on another yoga lesson again.  Everything is online and in my living room.  Kundalini yoga does not flow my entire body healthy.  Kundalini does not stress “down dog” or “triangle” pose.  If I just hang out in down dog properly my body can snap and heal right into place.  My vinyasa flow is healing and transformational every time I do it.  While meditating in the desert I knew that paying $3,400 for a Yoga West Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Take Away would be a burn-out to my personal yoga practice, but I did it anyway.  I wanted to meet some cool people. That didn’t happen at Yoga West.  I had no idea that Kundalini Yoga was part of the violent Sikh religion.  Skip the brick and mortar kundalini studios and take your lessons on YouTube. 

My White Wardrobe

Practicing yoga solely as a reason to dress up in white religious clothing  does not interest me.  For the next year or so my residence will be located in a predominantly Asian neighborhood. People wear all white around here. Now I can wear my Kundalini clothes again.  I guess that is my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Take Away, white religious clothing in my closet.

Painless Saturday

My plan was to have a yoga tribe for the weekends but that didn’t happen with Guru Sing’s 21 Stages of Meditation at Yoga West.  God was telling me to focus on my inner life with God.  I don’t really need anything from anyone, my need for social gratification never really came from yoga class anyway.  I just thought it would be different at Yoga West because I was making a major buy-in to the tune of $3,400 for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Take Away.  In a parallel universe I would drive to Yoga West and take a Saturday yoga class but now I will just save the money for something else in my old age.