Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level I

Tomorrow is my first day of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. This means that I have to be responsible like a teacher even if I do not formally teach students. My physical presence is a lesson to others. I seem to have become a program of attraction. 


We teach what we most need to learn.  My way of being in the world is the lesson both for me and anyone else who may be interested. With my bare chested Philadelphia heart attack scars flashing in the glare of the surf and sun, words and thoughts become redundant.

Jesus Christ!

Jesus Fucking Christ Now He Wants to Be a Godammned  Yoga Teacher?

A Yoga Teacher of Whom?  

MIdget women?

Maybe I should think about being a real yoga teacher in my heart since I just paid $3,650.00 for KYTT LI?  Good thing I have this blog to work it all out in.

Tanner’s Gets A Low Rating From the Multimedia Teacher

Sitting  in Tanners Playa del Rey 90293 not using the WiFi, not using the AC, no more cool parking with the renovation. Tanners hasn’t been cool since the advent of screen contextualized life. The $2.25 cent coffee in a large mug was definitely worth it. There is no decent outdoor hang out for beach vibe. Tanners by the sea is actually kind of creepy. I have plenty of private space to blog in. Now that I have my own WiFi there is no need to be in a coffee shop. I prefer drinking coffee and blogging in private. I would rather be selling t-shirts in Tanners than paying them for coffee.

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October 19th and it is finally overcast on the beach. The pounding hot sun becomes unbearable when you are right on the water. I love cozy cool overcast winter beach weather. Less crowded, tastes better.  


Teacher With No Masters Degree

These are the only subjects I will be qualified to teach without a masters degree:


Media & Communications


Kundalini Yoga

I taught criminal law & law office litigation applications for one grueling $9.00/per hour semester at Fremont College near the Cerritos Auto Square. Never go to a private diploma mill like Fremont. Only go to a top school like UCLA Extension. Only take nude Kundalini yoga from a qualified yogi.

siva kundalini yoga consciousness

You are only as young as your spine is flexible.

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