Was LA Lawyer Jeffrey Tidus Murdered Over Attorney Fees in Billboard Company Lawsuits?

Death and Attorney Fees


Who Was Jeffrey Tidus?


Who the heck are you and why are you reading this? Dean McAdams is not an attorney or law firm. 

On Monday December 8, 2009, 53 year old bill board litigation attorney Jeffrey Tidus was murdered execution style. He told his wife that he was just going outside to fetch his laptop from his blue Toyota Prius. She heard some pop pops but when she found him dead laying outside she erroneously assumed that he had a heart attack. His bloody laptop was laying on the ground nearby.

Mr. Tidus had been shot in the head. Professionally executed in his driveway in upscale Rolling Hills Estates, California on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This clean professional hit in the quiet, wealthy Southern California paradise is unsolved to this day. 

The only known death threat against Tidus came from a now disbarred attorney at an outdoor billboard deposition. The cops know about the disbarred attorney but what about ex-Regency employee J. Keith Stephens?

J. Keith Stephens is not an attorney however he hires lots of attorneys and files lots of lawsuits against outdoor billboard companies and their attorneys. Mr. Stephens had to sell his house to raise the money to pay attorneys fees he was court ordered to pay Mr. Tidus. 


Who Is J. Keith Stephens?


J. Keith Stephens is a wiry and energetic red headed man approximately sixty years of age. Mr. Stephens is an ex-employee of Regency Outdoor Advertising where presumably he learned the landscape raping techniques of this blight upon the world. Outdoor advertising is everywhere polluting the physical and mental landscape of modern man. At night the skies of Los Angeles is looking more and more like Times Square with huge high resolution outdoor signs that resemble high power movie screens. There is even advertising on the floor in front of the supermarket refrigerators where I buy my ice cream.

J. Keith Stephens
J. Keith Stephens


Outdoor Advertising Litigation and Attorney Fees


Did you know that there is a huge litigation industry sub-specialty in outdoor billboard company lawsuits? Yes there is. Without breaking any legal confidentiality I have personal knowledge and experience with some of the major players in this lucrative legal niche. Outdoor billboard rights are highly coveted. Fortunately for humanity no new outdoor billboards or billboard rights are being created. This means that existing billboards are valuable. If a billboard blows down it can put lots of litigation professionals to work on both sides for a few years litigating the complexities of billboard rights and the local municipal governments upon which the billboards sit.


The J. Keith Stephens Attorney Fees


J. Keith Stephens alleges in his 2009 pleadings that he was selling his house to pay for attorney fees awarded to Jeffrey Tidus. Stephens further alleged that Tidus committed fraud by submitting credit reports to a credit rating firm about non-payment of the attorney fees, and had made false statements in court in another case involving one of Stephens billboard companies.

There is a reward of approximately $100,000 for information in the murder of Jeffrey Tidus criminal investigation. Some of the reward money expires and some it is not clear. Your reward should never be for the money your reward should come from telling the truth.