What kind of plea deal did hysterical Havasu homosexual Jeff Cowan make to keep his fat white ass out of prison?

3-16-2022 UPDATE: It is important to point out that hysterical Havasu homosexual Jeff Cowan and his partner John Herriot cured me of my own homosexuality. I don’t want to be misperceived as a gay basher. Homosexuality is valid for some people, just not so much for me anymore.

Unlike his numerous civil court cases, Jeffrey Cowan’s criminal court records are confidential. It is unknown what kind of a plea deal his attorney made with the Havasu criminal justice system. Even though he was a registered gay sex offender on probation in California at the time of his Arizona sentencing, Cowan managed to keep himself out of prison. The only detail obtainable is that Cowan escaped serious punishment by voluntarily submitting to the jurisdiction of the Arizona Mental Health Court. Did hysterical Havasu homosexual offender Jeff Cowan avoid prison because he is white and Jewish with money and property?

This doesn’t seem right. The criminally insane Mr. Cowan should not be allowed to continue to act out his childhood trauma upon the unprotected public just because he has money. The justice system has failed, medical science has failed, can blogging help?

If urban California doctors couldn’t cure Cowan’s severe neurosis it is highly doubtful that rural Arizona doctors can do any better.

Jeff Cowan has already been under the care of the best psychiatric treatment providers that Los Angeles has to offer. If the best doctors in the world can’t cure Jeff Cowan, the medical providers in Lake Havasu City, Arizona will not be adequate to render Cowan safe enough to re-enter society. In other words, if the world class psychiatric care available in California can’t cure Cowan, it doesn’t seem very likely that the backwater of Lake Havasu City, Arizona will be able to do any better.

medical resources in lake havasu city are bad
Even the locals admit that the medical providers in Lake Havasu City, Arizona do not meet the legal standard of care.
Havasu is not very gay friendly either . . . duh? No small town in a red state is going to be very homosexual welcoming.

Even if Jeff drives to Phoenix, he will still not find doctors as good as the ones he left in Los Angeles. Jeff is trapped in a tourist town that does not meet the legal standard of medical care required to treat his bipolar paranoid schizophrenia.

Cowan was convicted of theft for stealing framed photographs from the patients waiting room of his Havasu podiatrist. Plus Cowan has the double disadvantage and legal disability of his conviction for theft of commercial property from his podiatrists office. Cowan was suffering from a case of toenail fungus so severe that he was being treated for the possibility of surgical amputation of several of his toes. If foot doctors, cardiologists, psychiatrists and other medical offices and providers become aware of Cowan’s pattern of stealing from professionals, that could further hinder his options for medical providers in the desert. Cowan has really isolated himself out in the middle of nowhere in Lake Havasu City. If the desert nut doctors won’t be able to help Cowan recover his sanity, what is the solution?

What is the solution to the Jeff Cowan Problem? Keep bad actors in line by blogging about them. Facts destroy pathological liars like Cowan. Keep small time hoods in the public eye with trial by media.

Trial by media can often bring offenders to justice

Prosecution by blogging can help keep small time criminals in line. Jeff Cowan’s sordid little tale is not really big enough for mainstream Havasu media. Most of the news about Jeff Cowan is on the police bulletin or public court records. The problem is that online criminal court records are indexes and calendaring information only. Online records contain no factual details of the crimes or the parties. Journalists have to go sit in court rooms to obtain this priceless public information. The occasional crime tips from Neighborhood Watch Groups and the general public are like gold to bloggers. The true function of a journalist is to combine all available sources to create a case story big enough to prosecute by publication. Trial by blogging can motivate a criminal to clean up his act.

Trial by blogging made Jeffrey Cowan delete his Facebook account

Does trial by blogging work? Cowan deleted his Facebook account and so he is no longer threatening the public and insulting police officers on social media. If I wasn’t already burned out on the desert I would drive down to Havasu. I would love to do some gum shoe work around the bustling desert metropolis of Lake Havasu City to find out what type of sleazy activities Jeff Cowan and John Herriot are up to. Hanging out in Jeff and John’s Titan Lane neighborhood could yield substantial information about their gay child sex trafficking operation. One of the reasons that I write so many blogs about Cowan and Herriot is so that people will find me and send me information. Have you been stalked by Jeff Cowan?

A good blog keeps bad neighbors in line

Blogs are ideally suited to prosecuting local issues such as criminal justice in the Havasu neighborhood that Jeff Cowan resides in. Interestingly enough, Mr. Cowan lives in the same neighborhood as the Lake Havasu City Police Department. The desert has become too popular for its’ own good. It’s as if the entire desert has become one great big tourist trap and Lake Havasu City is the capital.

The good news is that the Havasu Venus Fly Trap that has trapped severely mentally ill resident Jeff Cowan. Jeff couldn’t come back to California even if he wanted to, or could afford to. Hysterical Havasu homosexual Cowan is under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Mental Health Court Mandate until November 18, 2024.

hysterical havasu homosexual jeff cowan
Paranoid schizophrenic Jeff Cowan covered the window on his front door to hinder the Havasu Creep Sweepers from peeking inside.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.