Like a thief in the night, Jeff Cowan is there, descending into the mental illness of his own private Havasu.

Even though he is a complete asshole, it’s still kind of sad to actually witness Jeff Cowan swirling down the drain deeper and deeper into the mental illness of his own little Havasu hell. The Havasu Village Idiot posted photographs of his own mental and physical breakdown on Facebook. I could almost feel sorry for the pathetic wretch as I shake my head and laugh at the stickers, decals and photographs taped to his home and vehicles. Jeff thrives on negative attention.

For his entire miserable existence Jeff Cowan has proudly worn his psychosis like a badge of honor; self-authorizing himself to threaten, bully, lie, cheat and steal his way through life like a thief in the night.

jeff cowan akathisia bipolar schizophrenia
BADGE OF MENTAL ILLNESS: Notice Jeff’s arm and hand extended in a classic display of akathisia, a muscular side effect of antipsychotic drugs prescribed for bipolar & schizophrenia disorders.

If you talk to Jeff for five minutes he will immediately spout off with some type of hate speech such as wearing American flag sweat pants to piss off the Italian tourists on a cruise ship, for example. Jeff will ripely admit his joy in nauseating the entire world with his repugnant & anti-social appearance and demeanor. Decent people everywhere need to stand up to Jeff Cowan’s totally unacceptable conduct. Good citizens need to be warned of the bad behavior of this public nuisance and menace to society. Jeff doesn’t just wear the American flag to inflame the Italian tourists. Cowan wears the flag to attract negative attention and fan the flames of hatred in his own private Havasu.

jeff cowan wearing american flag shirt and pants
Hot with Hate in Havasu

When Jeff was a younger criminal, he only threatened and harassed via anonymous communications. Now that Jeff is 68 years old and his bipolar disorder has progressed to full blown paranoid schizophrenia, Jeff foolishly makes threats in writing. Doctor’s have informed the Riverside Superior Court and Jeff that there do not appear to be any pharmacological therapies that will successfully treat his mental illness. It doesn’t matter because Jeff never takes his psychiatric medications regularly anyway.

Jeff plastered his front door with photographs of himself to annoy, anger and just plain piss off, anyone unlucky enough to get near his dingy lair. Cowan covered both of his cars with photographs of his family printed from Facebook images. All done with the intention of disturbing the visual peace of his neighbors on Titan Lane. Jeff is a social pariah constantly in search of new victims to infect with his anxiety and depression.

jeff cowan karaoke night jeremy's juke joint lake havasu city az
Psychological predator searching for victims to dump on at Jeremy’s Juke Joint on Karaoke Night

Crazy Driver: You may have seen Jeff driving his uninsured crazy car on Daytona or Acoma. On August 7, 2021 Cowan was arrested on McCulloch Blvd. for outstanding warrants. On Thanksgiving Day he received a ticket for driving without insurance in a desert neighborhood near you. Jeff thrives on negative attention. Offending people reminds him of soiling his diapers and messing up his room when he was a spoiled little Jewish boy growing up privileged four blocks from the beach in south Torrance, California.

financially irresponsible havasu mental illness display idiot jeff cowan's toyota rav4 stickers decals facebook photographs taped to window
Jeff Cowan’s Toyota RAV4

Mental ‘dis-ease’ is contagious

The problem with Jeff Cowan is that he spreads his psychosis like a Havasu mental illness pandemic and his insanity infects the entire community. Mr. Cowan’s manic and irresponsible bipolar criminal conduct is too much to handle for the Lake Havasu Police Department. LHCPD requires an additional two officers for around the clock surveillance of Mr. Cowan. For this reason it has become necessary for the Arizona vigilantes to mobilize and deploy investigative resources against Jeff Cowan. If Cowan is not isolated and quarantined he will infect the entire country and then the world. Let’s not make the same mistake we did by dilly dallying with Covid-19. Jeff Cowan must be dealt with immediately before he goes too far.

jeffrey robert cowan's red ford mustang stickers decals photos havasu mental illness
Registered sex offender Jeff Cowan’s red Ford Mustang

Got bad neighbors in Lake Havasu AZ?

Jeff sucks up massive amounts of peace officers time and resources because he is constantly disturbing the peace. If you’ve got bad thugs in the neighborhood, who you going to call? Havasu Creep Sweepers! The time is now for the Neighborhood Sex Offender Watch Group and the Arizona Vigilantes to help alleviate the problem. The shortage of qualified law enforcement officers can be offset by hiring unhinged Republican redneck vigilantes in blood red Arizona. As the social order continues to break down, watch groups and militias will be required more and more to patrol the vast and lawless Mojave Desert.

emotionally disturbed cowan mouth agape havasu mental illness
I never really believed in evil until I rented a room from psycho landlord Jeff Cowan

Being a liar and a thief is bad enough but Jeff magnifies his sins with the underhanded way that he conducts his crimes by posing as a desert landlord. Jeff takes advantage of the fact that people need shelter. Cowardly Cowan’s conduct was so wicked that he is now a 68 year-old Level 1 sex offender on probation in two states. The universe corrects all errors and Jeff Cowan is receiving his Divine retribution.

jeffrey cowan 8-3-2020 facebook post "I guess God has a way of getting even with those who fail to show respect for others and their property.."
Jeffrey Cowan Facebook post 8-3-2020

On August 3, 2020 Jeff writes in his Facebook post: “I guess God has a way of getting even with those who fail to show respect for others and their property.” Exactly one year later on August 3, 2021 Jeff was released from a three month jail stint for failing to show respect for others and their property.

jeff cowan 8-2-2021 booking info riverside county disobeying court order battery indecent exposure civil harassment restraining order
According to his own words, Jeffrey is being punished by God for telling dangerous lies about me and stealing my car & computer

Jeff is being punished by God according to his own diatribe. Now Jeff is stuck in a red state with no place left to run. Things just keep getting worse and worse for Jeff Cowan. Since he got busted for driving with no insurance he can’t even drive because his license is suspended for three months.

Herriot and Cowan are career criminals hiding out in the gay nudist community. The so-called gay community is the only place that will tolerate the aberrant behavior of registered sex offender freaks like Herriot and Cowan. The problem is that the propensity for sex crime cannot be isolated from committing financial or other types of crimes. Herriot and Cowan have a knack for whipping emotionally broken men into a frenzy of fear and loathing in what can be described as emotional crimes.

Gay men in two states resent Jeff so much they are willing to violate Cowan’s privacy. Cowan haters send me his confidential correspondence, state licenses and other official incriminating documents:

lake havasu city criminal jeffrey robert cowan's arizona driver license

Pay it forward by warning the next guy about CMEN

I wish that the limp wristed effeminate old geezers in the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism had of warned me about Jeff Cowan and John Herriot before I found out the hard way. CMEN should cease shielding infantile neurotic pedophiles like John Herriot and Rick Boehle. The purpose of writing this expose is to warn the Havasu homosexual, mainstream and alternative communities of this danger so that they do not get emotionally or financially fleeced like the fags in Palm Springs and Cathedral City did.

jeff cowan's havasu mental illness clinic
Preregistered gay sex offender Jeff Cowan outside his psychiatric clinic in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Have you or your loved ones ever been stalked by the Havasu mental illness known as Jeff Cowan? Please feel free to send me a message or maybe even drop a few incendiary documents into my contact form.

There is no reason to suffer in silence because of bad neighbors. You didn’t move all the way to beautiful Havasu to be jacked up by desperate desert rats from L.A. who live in the desert all year round. Speak up and nip the Jeff Cowan & John Herriot problem in the bud. Just say no to thugs. Have you ever been wronged or even the slightest little bit riled by crazy Jeff Cowan?

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.