Los Angeles Police Department to Change Policy for Deploying Undercover Informants

New Policy for LAPD Confidential Informants

After a Los Angeles Times report on LAPD confidential informants revealed that the Los Angeles Police Department used CI’s to spy on an anti-Trump group, the LAPD has changed its policy regarding undercover agents. If LAPD confidential informants are spying in churches or anywhere that 1st Amendment rights are a issue, then there must be approval from high up within the Los Angeles Police Department. Does this apply to the Internet?

LAPD confidential informant Carine “Kojak” Kowatch and Orange County CI Laguna Beach gay gadfly Paul Merritt “Columbo” Christiansen’s fake Facebook honeymoon

Does That Apply to Blogs?

If LAPD confidential informants will now be required to obtain approval from high up in the Los Angeles Police Dept. if 1st Amendment Rights are at issue does this apply to blogs? LAPD Chief Doan discovered me through this blog when it was a paralegal services website. I have gone to great lengths to advertise that this site no longer advertises or has anything to do with paralegal or legal document assistant services. This website is now a means of freedom of expression. My actions here are constitutionally protected. One of the purposes of this website is to over see the use of confidential informants by former LAPD Chief of Robbery/Homicide David Doan.

How Long Can One Undercover Operation Last?

How long can one confidential informant based undercover operation last? As long as you have funding and resources for your operation it could last a lifetime. Even if an undercover operation does not yield court convictions the investigators can wreak havoc upon the suspects life. Not to mention the tremendous financial toll cause by being investigated for decades. Law enforcement investigators are well aware of the psychological effect that a covert operation can have upon a suspect and this psychological power is often leveraged for maximum effect.

LAPD Confidential Informants and the Psychological Operation

Maybe ex-LAPD Chief Doan’s covert investigation never even had a legal objective. For the past ten years I have lived in fear that David Doan is going to prosecute me for some type of crime. But maybe I have just now answered my own question. Maybe Chief Doan never ever intended to prosecute me he only wanted to make me go crazy and die?