GOOD COP/BAD LAPD: Detective Russ Poole, R.H.D.

LAPD Robbery Homicide Division.

Murder usually happens for a good reason. Hip Hop artists Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls lived by the sword and died by the gun. When pit bull Detective Russell Poole of the Los Angeles Police Department Robbery Homicide Division discovered that the cops were involved in the murders of Tupac and Big, no one at the LAPD wanted to hear about it. Thus the murders are still unsolved thirty years after they occurred. Tupac had the bad luck of getting himself whacked in Vegas so it was easy for the desert cops to cover it up but the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division is supposed to be better than that. So Russ Poole resigned from RHD and became a successful private investigator.

Johnny Depp as Russ Poole in City of Lies (2018)

Release the Sugar Tit

I think I know exactly how Detective Poole felt when he walked away from the 800 pound gorilla. If your organization is holding you back, it is better to cut the umbilical cord and move on. That’s what I have done. Nobody can hold me back anymore because I have become an 800 pound gorilla trainer. It may be difficult to do, but sometimes you just have to stop sucking on the sugar tit of corporate comfort.

Unlicensed Private Investigator

I used to be a total joiner but now I am an independent contractor. When you are young it is important to join a huge organization that can train you. When you are young you are always over paid because you don’t know anything yet. Then after you get old and have become an expert, you are under paid. Sometimes when you get old you no longer want to deal with office politics and psychopathic personalities. So you quit your job as an insurance company investigator and go out on your own, just like Russ Poole did. The only difference between me and the late great Russell Poole is that Russ carried a gun, and I never have and never will.

How to Harness the Lone Wolf Shooter

One way to alleviate the sheer volume of school shootings would be to implant microchips in all registered mentally ill criminal offenders. That way we could keep criminals on radar, just like federal air traffic controllers watch over the skies to protect everyone. If any suspect gets near a school yard, press button, explode chip, problem solved.

havasu vigilante creep sweepers
Brandishers of firearms, real or fake, need to be microchipped and monitored 24/7

When you are an independent contractor with no dinosaur organization holding you back, you are free to devise creative solutions like microchipping sex offenders in the vast and lawless Mojave desert:

lake havasu mental illness display front door 2617 titan
Paranoid schizophrenic Jeff Cowan covered the window on his front door to hinder the Havasu Creep Sweepers from peeking inside.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.