Power in the Shower

Borderline Sexual Harassment

My smooth skinny brown body is dark from the sun as I prepare to leave the openly gay town of Palm Springs for the closeted gay world of deepest darkest African Culver City, CA.  I’ve been blogging naked for three days from All Worlds Gay Resort & Bath House With No Baths in Palm Springs over Gay Pride Weekend 2017. I haven’t gone near the play rooms, there is very little public sex here, and I have not touched another man because my clean sacred sexuality is all in my brain, alone at night. Gay sex is best done alone via masturbation.

Black man fucking white boy

My obsession with sexual harassment by African Bay Club Personal Trainer Chauncey Dennis motivated me to stretch and tan my bottom to perfection for the past three days. As an exhibitionist I need an audience and I can feel the eyes of latent gay America upon me in the Beach Cities where I live. Of course I also feel the eyes of young openly gay America upon me here at this resort where I create economy-plus vacations out of a $117 24/7 Express Day/Night Pass and then write blogs complaining about the lack of trash cans. I do not want the hot gay sex teacher job being offered at this hybrid resort. The self-proclaimed twinks all mostly ignore me anyway.

Old bisexual

I am the weird old guy with only the lower half of my body in the blazing radiation sun. Every other guy here has a sunburned face and upper body.  Only a little bit of my chest is slightly burned. My lower body is now evenly tanned to skinny little bitch perfection and I love the gay young eyes scanning and looking away as I smile at the little age discrimination Nazis.

I will have to be gratified in my masturbation fantasies by latent homosexual harassment from my Culver City Africans. My butt, thighs, legs and feet are ready for my Beach City Kundalini Yoga Transformation. In the early Monday morning mist I will drive from PS to the Bay Club Santa Monica and the 8:00 am Senses of the Soul at Yoga West.

Putting on my clothes and walking to my van I am struck by how Brazilian dark my legs and feet are. I planned it this way and I knew it would be extreme but now here I am all pin up Latina tanned and feeling sexier than thou. All my life men and women have complimented me on my sexy feet and body.  Gay for pay.  

Gay for pay

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.