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TRADITIONAL TRIBAL LIFE: The Darker the Skin, the Better the Gay Underground

Latent Homosexuality and the LA Underground

Latent homosexuality is most common in traditional tribes that forbid homosexuality the most. The more repressive the culture the more repressed the sexuality. As we near the end of human destiny more and more men are becoming homosexual. We don’t need any more fucked-up kids running around with youthful energy. My solution is more gay sex and less childbirth.

Latent Homosexuality in the LA Christian Community 

latent homosexuality

Christians drive gay and bisexual devotees underground. Persians and Arabs also have latent homosexuality because their culture severely prohibits sexual liberation. All traditional cultures push homosexuality underground. Persian and Arabic men never have their faces showing in gay personal ads. They could get beheaded so latent homosexuality has a biological component of survival. The most important thing for teenage Arab Americans to understand is that their parents could be gay and hiding it.  Closeted Middle Eastern gay men have a difficult time coming out.

The Dark Gay Underground

My favorite part of gay life is the African Mexican Underground (AMU). Black and brown men are forced by their cultures to go underground. Almost all Mexican men are totally gay. I am Mexican and so this is how I know this. Being bisexual requires a level of awareness not common to the Mexican psyche. The purpose of this article is to enlighten sexually adventurous nineteen year-old men. 

You will be forced to think for yourself just as I have. The world is yours and not your parents. Parents are just teachers. Sometimes you get good teachers and sometimes you get mediocre teachers. Not all teachers can teach all the subjects of life really well.

Here’s the way it works: Most people are gay but they don’t consciously know it. People project themselves onto the world. If you are speaking negatively about homosexuals you are still speaking about homosexuals. Your brain doesn’t let you get away with lies like saying homosexualty is someone else’s problem. If you are saying homosexuality is a problem then what you are saying is that you have a problem with being homosexual. You should never be ashamed of yourself for being a homosexual. I’m not. I’m really more bisexual but if I need to I will just say I’m gay. I really want to get over the whole gay thing and move onto God. However I guess I will just become a gay warrior and penetrate the Muslim teenage world with my message of love: “Please go tell your parents to read the United States Constitution with love.” 

latent bisexuality