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Lateral Lunging Made All of My Lower Appendages Larger

Lateral Walking Made My Dick So Big I Am Turning Into a Top

Previously I assumed that it was ujayi yoga breathing that was making my dick bigger. Now it is obvious that it was the leg spreading calisthenics that increased the size of the blood vessels and root mass of my penis. I cannot find an example of a man doing lateral walking but here is a girl doing it. Football drills do this squatting low and stomping your feet as you move back and forth.

lateral walking

Now I realize it is the lateral walkingg and other calisthenics that is radically increasing the size of my penis. My shoe size has gone from 8 to 9.5 and my cock has increased 1.5 inches in length and .5 inches in girth. What a joy to be 62 years-old and have your dick get so much bigger that you turn from a bottom to a top. My penis is so fat I am turning totally straight. If you want to have a huge cock do burpees:

I do a push-up and kick my legs apart before I jump up but she does not. She does raise her hands up like I do and most others do not. My burpee is three times harder than this girl’s burpee.

Lateral walking is producing more dramatic results to my lower body than burpees. I do a specialized version of burpees that duplicates the lateral walking movement. However none of the online examples of the burpee calisthenic include the same leg spread eagle after the push-up at the bottom of the routine that mine does.

Now I know why my penis is getting so huge these past nine years. Everyone does burpees a little differently. Some burpees are different at the top and some are different at the bottom. Mine is different at the bottom in that it includes spreading the legs and then snapping them back together before you jump up.

lateral walking burpees
This guy is doing the push-up at the bottom but no lateral leg spread. He is also jumping up like I do, however I raise my hands up into the air high at the end of mine like the girl above and he does not

Trainer Ali At the Bay Club Taught Me The Right Way to Do Burpees And I Wish He Had of Shown Me Lateral Walking Also

When Ali was first starting out as a trainer at the Howard Hughes Bay Club he gave me free lessons in the steam room. He taught me to do burpees with a leg spread kick at the bottom after the push-up. However I cannot find an example online of anyone doing burpees and also spreading their legs at the bottom after the push-up.

It makes me grateful for having been a member of the Howard Hughes Center Bay Club while it lasted. Ali gave me those free burpee lessons in the steam room that changed my body and my mind. Tony Alegre and the great trainers at the Bay Club taught me how to stay out of the gym and go do calisthenics in the park. The only thing I need from a gym now is a great steam room and most gyms are phasing steam rooms out.

My New Home Steam Room Routine

Instead of paying a monthly fee to have a gym with a steam room I now make my daily shower and bathroom into a steam room. I pay more for hot water every month instead of paying for a gym. By staying in the shower a little longer and steaming it up I have my own private steam room. It suits my nudist lifestyle well.

Morning Lateral Walk in the Park

Approximately three to four times per week I do lateral and backwards walking in my local park. My whole life I was spending hours in the gym unsuccessfully attempting to get the legs and body I have now. I wish I had of known then what I know now about working out. All you need is yoga, calisthenics and breathing.