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Why are Latin Men Better Lovers?

Gay Latin men take the extra time to make the love extra good.  I once had a Latin lover from Silverlake who made love to me so good he taught me things that I used in my anal masturbation. That is the greatest compliment you can give any lover. To be good at masturbation is to be good at lovemaking. I feel that because I am Latin I am good at tantric anal masturbation and therefore good at lovemaking. I just need to be much more selective in who I give my precious beautiful tanned androgynous yoga body to.  My mentor Dr. McDuff calls himself the Tantric Androgyne however I became the true embodiment. I developed a sexy Latin androgynous foot dance as closure ritual with Dr. McDuff.

latin genitalsLatin Lover Specials

Have you ever noticed how beautifully colored Latin genitals are? Mine are like that. My penis and anus are beautifully colored and sculpted and men often remark on how beautiful they are. All I need to do with my body is find the right pool party and I am set.  At one of Robby Bowman’s Primetime AA parties Karl Klondike once remarked that my body looked good. I think the good looking man is heterosexual but I should ask him the next time I see him if he is totally straight.

My Latin lover from Fillmore taught me to not let mature gay tops manipulate my sexual feelings of competency.  My New York Jewish lover Robby Orenstein was cramming his tongue down my throat telling me that he was a great lover who lots of men wanted to be with.

A few weeks later my Latin lover Enrique stroked my thighs while he was holding me up in the air and fucking me perfectly. Having my thighs stroked by Enrique that day also taught me a lot about masturbation. The problem with sex is that it takes to much time.

latin manLatin Lover in Palm Springs

I am a Latin lover who needs to find a hot Latin lover to make me his special one. The purpose of this blog is to find a nice Latin man to hold my hand and take me to Mass. I have become ultra selective in my love life.