Love Emotional Intimacy and You Will Never Be Alone


Love is never about the other person. Your favorite lover has nothing for you. The love you feel for the other person is really just your own love reflected back at you. When you get right up on top of your lover and gush love warmth out of your wrists and forearms all of that love feeling is really coming from you. Someone taught you to let your love shine like that. Maybe you had a physically nurturing mother who gave you life lessons in learning to love emotional intimacy. Sitting at a lunch table with a total stranger and engaging them in emotional intimacy for a few minutes can turn your whole day around. Learn to love emotional intimacy and you will learn to love the world and you will never ever be alone. 

Sometimes we are only taught to love sexual intimacy with not much regard for the emotional component of love making. It definitely takes time and effort to learn new sexual skills and so sometimes the heart and soul of love can be rushed and in a hurry to get to release, orgasm and ejaculation. If we take the time to slow down and perfect our hearts as well as our bodies then we can attain intimate communion with all of creation. This is the sexual transmutation practice called white tantra. A tantrika can teach you to love emotional intimacy as higher and more desirable than mere perfect orgasm. 

Would You Like to Learn to Love Emotional Intimacy?


What are you doing for the rest of your life? Earning another million dollars and buying a newer and sexier luxury automobile? You can always buy another mansion or private jet. And you will. But have you ever thought of buying something more in life with all of your hard earned cash? You can buy lessons in love but you cannot buy actually love. Love is a priceless pearl of wisdom that can only be attained by letting go and letting love in. Letting go of ego and letting God in is the first step in learning to love emotional intimacy. Gaze into your lover’s eyes as if those eyes are a mirror of your own eyes and let your love flow into them. Give your lover all you have. There is nothing to hold back. Bring all of your love to the table. 

For me emotional intimacy does not have to be a two lane highway anymore. I just love and give with no expectation. I give my love out for free walking down the street. I am passing out my love spiritually. If the other person is capable of reflecting my love back then it may go deeper. Living in a place like Palm Springs there is a lot of physical and sexual love going around. If you can bring love into the equation amazing things can open up for your out here in the desert. Communion with God and communion with man. Intimate communion in the mystical desert.