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Propaganda 105: Creating Visual Patterns

cosmic crows flyingLearning Patterns:

The crows tried to scare me away from the park this morning by buzzing me when they arrived. I myself have been arriving at the park earlier and earlier to beat the August desert sunrise. I have been training the crows to accept me as part of the park’s automatic sprinkler system that pops up at five a.m. five mornings a week. My crow training is working. The loud obnoxious magpies are getting used to me. I am creating new learning patterns in their little crow brains.

WALKING PATTERNS: The crows can easily identify me because I walk my patterns through the sprinkler mist swatting the gnats from my head with a hand towel. The crows call me: “he who walks through mist breathing deeply and waving his arms.”

learning patternslearning patterns






unlearning patternsunlearning patterns





It takes a long time to learn how to be a fully integrated human being. It is a lot of work to be authentically connected in modern life. The books you read and the people you know have a major impact on what your life will be. When you are young it is important to meet a lot of interesting and accomplished professional people. Five years ago I had an intimate live-in relationship with an ob/gyn that radically transformed my life. I learned how to love and feel. My life would have been nothing without these relationships. Learning social and emotional skills has been the greatest source of my health and well being. Improving my emotional intelligence has solved a lot of my heart problems by relieving stress. Feeling my heart clench and being aware of what causes it is saving my life. I am healing my heart with love and prayer. I am learning how to love and live. Now that I have been in love and learned relationships I am blissfully learning how to be totally alone and socially connected.

Writing this blog has turned out to be a major source of my emotional health and well being. This blog is the equivalent of a public journal. There are a few private pages protected by passwords but most of my intimate and personal writing is right here. This is done so that people in the real world can maybe find something they can deeply relate to. This blog is for spiritual seekers like me.  My existence is spiritual. I am setting myself apart from everything with more and more intention. I am learning how to be the source of my existence. If you want to do something meaningful with your life then start a blog.

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