LEFT HAND TANTRA | Using Shiva Shakti Union to Explode Dormant Energy

kundalini left hand tantra Kundalini Tantra

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

REPUBLICATION | Chapter 14 |

How Sexual Life Becomes Spiritual:

The Path of Left Hand Tantra

Sexual life has always been a problem for mankind. From the beginning of history, the primal energy has been misunderstood. Religious teachers and moralists have denounced it. But still sexual life has continued, not because man respects it, but because he needs it. He may give it up, but he cannot remove it from his mind, for this is one of his most powerful urges. The secret topic that interests most people is path of vama marga and left hand tantra.

In the context of yoga and tantra the common definition of sexual life has no relevance. It is absolutely unscientific and incorrect. This definition has created a society and a nation of hypocrites. It has led thousands of young people into mental asylums. When you want something which you think is bad, all kinds of guilt complexes arise. This is the beginning of schizophrenia, and all of us are schizophrenic to some extent. Therefore, the yogis have tried to give a correct direction to the sexual urge.

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Yoga does not interfere with sexual life. Normal sexual life is neither spiritual nor aspiritual. But if you practice yoga and master certain techniques, then sexual life becomes spiritual. Of course, if you lead a celibate life, that is spiritual too.

Left Hand Tantra

The science of tantra has two main branches, which are known as vama marga and dakshina marga. Varna marga is the left path which combines sexual life with yoga practices in order to explode the dormant energy centers. Dakshina marga is the right path of yoga practices without sexual enactment. Previously, due to the barriers in sexual life, the path most widely followed was dakshina marga. Today, however, these barriers are rapidly being broken.  In modern society the technology most sought after by people everywhere is the path of left hand tantra which utilizes sexual life for spiritual development.

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Tantric Practice | Sex is for Samadhi

According to tantra, sexual life has a threefold purpose. Some practice it for procreation, others for pleasure, but the tantric yogi practises it for samadhi. He does not hold any negative views about it. He does it as a part of his sadhana. But, at the same time, he realizes that for spiritual purposes, the experience must be maintained. Ordinarily this experience is lost before one is able to deepen it. By mastering certain techniques, however, this experience can become continuous even throughout daily life. Then the silent centers of the brain are awakened and they start to function all the time.

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left hand tantra sexual intercourse

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