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Transform Legal Research Paralegal Into Crime Scene Investigation Paralegal

legal research paralegal la
Legal Research Paralegal


Legal Research Paralegal


Crime doesn’t have to pay if you are young and want to create a career as a crime scene investigation paralegal. First use this blog to learn the basics of online and law library legal research paralegal. Then go offer your local crime stopping professionals your services as a crime scene investigation paralegal intern. Working for free as an intern is how smart people make careers in the movie business and also how smart paralegals can jump start exciting careers in legal support services. 

Contract legal research paralegals can use the Internet and the Los Angeles County Law Library to learn legal research. Learning to learn is fun so go to the law library to learn how to become a paralegal. 

The actual codes and statutes are called primary sources. Legal practice guides and books about the law are called secondary sources

All primary sources are available for free online. To competently practice law the legal research paralegal must use the law library. A LA County Law Library card is free to use materials inside the library. To check materials out for five days a $140 security deposit is required. For an additional $200.00/per month a Bronze Membership is available. This is what I have. I can use the attorney room and get discounts on remotely ordering Westlaw hits. I am not sure what the price is however I will certainly blog about it here once I get my Bronze Membership working full force.



Legal Research Paralegal


Petitions for breach of living trust. Annotate all probate codes in your petition for breach of fiduciary duty. Keeping up with important case law in your area of specialization is important. Find a good source of leading case law for your area of specialization. Always use search engines to begin your legal research paralegal work on the Internet first. Never overlook the web as a source of basic legal research. If you are working in trusts and estates litigation, keep up with the websites of leaders in the field. 

As a member of information society legal research paralegal is a skill we may inherently possess whether we know it or not. Using my legal research paralegal skills I have evolved into an online criminal law paralegal specialist. Research is what most of us are doing on the Internet in the first place. We are all researching the Internet for what interests us and engages us. True crime engages me and there is enough of it on the Internet to make it a viable pursuit as a hobby. 


Criminal Legal Research Paralegal


I could probably volunteer as a legal research paralegal for understaffed homicide investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department. I would be good at investigating crime from behind a desk and asking a real agent of the law to go out into the field and ask the real bad guys questions. I once read in the LA Times that the LAPD cannot afford the overtime for homicide detectives to solve murder cases. It would be great to be a $25.00/per hour LAPD Homicide Investigation Paralegal. That would be a lot more fun than making that same $25 doing civil legal research paralegal job duties. If you are a young paralegal with no experience try making your own criminal paralegal internship. Ask your local police department if you can volunteer as a legal research paralegal for the homicide detectives. Earning while learning as an administrative assistant in a busy urban police department could be an exciting fast track to a career as a crime scene investigation paralegal.  


Criminal Investigation Paralegal


Working as a legal research paralegal is a logical entry level position for the advanced crime scene paralegal specialist. Legal research teaches the basic foundational skills facilitating a scientific study of criminal research and crime solving techniques. 


Criminal research is like peeling back the layers of an onion. By doing different search queries an investigator learns how to use the Internet as a tool. The Internet has always been an information tool. I have gratitude that I first did legal research online over thirty years ago. It amazing how far Google has come as a basic legal research tool.
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