TWO THUMBS UP: Legal SEO for Law Firms: Establish Site Citation Authority With Outbound Links

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Outbound Links Establish Authority and Are Important for Legal SEO










Outbound Links are Very Important for Legal SEO Citation Authority


Yesterday I was sitting out this late September 2015 heatwave in the Tanner’s Coffee shop located in my old stomping grounds of Playa del Rey. I shot my first YouTube paralegal video a few blocks away at the Del Rey Lagoon. I no longer do actual paralegal work and have traveled light years from that crazy rotating paralegal SEO video. Legal SEO has also come a long way since those days. Inbound links used to be your important hypertext. The continual evolution of the Google algorithms now mandate that your legal SEO contains outbound links as well.


Legal SEO Tips and Tricks


I had an amazing conversation with a total stranger named James who told me about crashing the Rolling Stones show at the Henry Fonda Theatre in March. I decided to reward him with an impromptu lesson in legal SEO. I told him about inserting outbound links and how important they are to a website’s page ranking. James asked the important question: “Can the outbound links be to anything?” No they cannot.

Your outbound links must be nested within similar content. In other words if your content is discussing legal SEO then the outbound links must be to sites that are also discussing legal SEO. Googlebot is artificial intelligence that can figure all of this out and rank your law firm’s website accordingly.

There are many legal SEO providers out there. Choosing a search engine optimization consultant is similar to choosing a paralegal or law firm. You want a local consultant. Potential legal clients want a local law firm and potential legal SEO clients want a local SEO provider. Local SEO is just as important as legal SEO. This is all very complex information that has taken me years to learn and understand. By giving away a few legal search engine optimization tips in this article I will be able to gain your confidence and your legal SEO account.


Here, have some more free legal seo pleading samples to boost your page ranking: 


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Even though outbound links are important, quality useful free content is still the most important factor driving new clients to your law firm’s website and accounts receivable department. Potential new clients want to read and evaluate your attorney work product. Don’t give away confidential documents protected by attorney-client privilege. However do give the non-attorney public real documents that have been filed at court to prove that your law firm can handle the representation. Gone are the days when a litigant would walk into the sole practitioner with a shingle hanging on Main Street, USA that says: “Attorney-at-Law.” These days legal specialization is the key. Legal specialization and niche marketing are crucial to attracting new legal clients. Don’t try to be all lawyers to all people. Specialize in family law and divorce, probate law and trusts and estates litigation, or criminal law. This is the age of legal specialization and niche marketing. Never use the “uncategorized” category on your WordPress blog!