Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Level 1 Teacher Training is Political Not Spiritual

In Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training women are taught to be man haters by petty authoritarian Guru Singh.  Kundalini Yoga as taught by major authoritarian Yogi Bhajan claims that we will soon be entering the Age of Aquarius wherein patriarchy and other social institutions will fall by the mighty swords of Kaur women. This institutionalized man-hating is a marketing gimmick to pack Yoga West to the rafters with women dressed in white kundalini outfits.  Kundalini plays to seekers.  Kundalini yoga is for female searchers seeking someone to blame and a hero to worship.   

yogi bhajan naked yogaYogi Bhajan 2004 New York Times Obituary | He left India for Canada in 1968 and taught yoga in Toronto. He soon moved to Los Angeles, where he was attracted to youths caught up in psychedelic drugs. He called them “searching souls” and persuaded many of them to substitute meditation for LSD. Later, he set up a more general program to treat drug abusers.  Yogi Bhajan founded Sikh Dharma, his center in New Mexico’s Española Valley, in the late 1960’s. Time magazine reported in 1977 that he required his disciples to work 12 hours a day on low salaries and skimpy diets. Similar reports appeared elsewhere over the years.

creating kundalini culture

She Should Have Killed Me When She Had The Chance

When you walk into Yoga West you can feel the hate vibe.   You have just been sucker punched by Kundalini yoga.  It is very trendy to hate men.  I am very proud to have been kicked out of Kundalini yoga by the the man hating Adarsh Kaur Khalsa.  I only wish that I had done something more spectacular to deserve it.   

social critic politician
This is not kundalini yoga, this is an authoritarian mind creating self-serving messages

There Are No Victims Only Volunteers  

Kundalini Yoga and the Sikh Religion really crate a lot of problems by promoting their self-proclaimed victim hood.  The Sikh Religion has tried to pull the wool over your eyes by claiming that their religion promotes the commonality of all religions.   Where are the overt displays of weapons in Buddhist or Hindu rituals?   There are no swords or weapons used in Christian ritual or Jewish rituals. 

Bad Vibes

Kundalini yoga and the Sikh Religion create ill will and violence.  The world needs to be put on notice.  Indira Ghandi was assassinated in 1981 by her Sikh bodyguards.  Sikhs and Kundalini’s have a really violent vibe about them.  If you pay for classes at Yoga West you are walking into a sucker punch.  Be careful.  Kundalini women are looking for an enemy.

kaur girls

Level 1 Teacher Training in Creating Ill Will

Why do we tolerate the toxins in our environment?  Have we become like frogs in a gay Jacuzzi?  The purpose of this article is to inspire you to jump out of the Kundalini man-hating community before it is too late.  If you train yourself and your daughter to hate men you are only compounding the problem adding more hate to the world.  There is no need to vilify men.  There is no need to hate me.  Men love women.  I love women.  When I look at your body in yoga class it is not with sexual intent.  I just like taking yoga classes.  

subconscious progarmming

Teaching Hypocrisy

Guru Singh purports to teach Kundalini Yoga Meditation and Humanology at Yoga West.  What is humanology?  Guru Singh tried to reduce my humanity at Yoga West.  My open mindedness about Sikhs and turbans has turned into revulsion.  I am now repulsed by the sight of bully boy Guru Singh in his white hypocritical clothing.  It all appears so ridiculous to me now.  Wearing special religious garments and publicly displaying your religion is the oldest trick in the book.  Hypocritical pharisees and fake gurus are waiting in every dark alley off Robertson Boulevard to steal your lunch money. I am consumed with exposing the meanness of Guru Singh and his cohorts.  The world does not need any more pain and loneliness.  Kundalini yoga is elitist.  Just know that going in to it.  You have to wear the right clothes and say the right things. In Kundalini yoga it is very important to be a woman.  Men are not welcome.  There is a disproportionate number of women kundalini’s compared to men.  Even considering that there are not that many men in yoga classes in general, there are even fewer men in Kundalini yoga classes.

New Social Life

One of the purposes of this article is to encourage me to invent a new social life for myself.  To that end I have just purchased a bulletin board so that I don’t miss any events at my new apartment complex. I am so consumed with anger towards Guru Singh and Yoga West that I missed a really cool dinner.  That won’t happen again after I receive my new bulletin board on Saturday. 

Waiting List

By the Grace of loving God my negative TB test will now be signed off on by my doctor and my name is on the one year waiting list for luxury retirement living in Northern California with my authentic tribe.  My days in my beloved native Los Angeles County are now numbered. One place have never been is the Getty Villa on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.  Perhaps I shall make my parking reservation list and travel there one day.