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How Many Levels Are There To Infinity?

Level 2 Liberation Means No More Yoga Studio Classes

Yogi Bhajan said the goal is to merge with infinity.  How many Kundalini Levels are there to infinity?  How amazing to visualize that I actually wanted to become a Kundalini yoga teacher.  I am laughing to think what I would have looked like in my white robes and turban.  An amazing load of self-deception has been lifted from me.  Level 2 Liberation is never having to take another yoga class in a yoga studio again.

Kundalini vs. Scientology

What is more expensive, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training or Scientology? How many Levels are there to Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?  When you meet Kundalini teachers they are quick to tell you if they are Level 2 or Level 3.  Nobody ever says they are Level 1.  

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Level 2 Teacher Training

I would have been a great yoga teacher because I can really do the yoga.  Most Kundalini yoga teachers do not actually perform yoga during their yoga classes.  They just sit up there and tell you what to do.  Kundalini yoga teachers talk a lot about politics and social issues.  My androgynous skinny body can actually do the Kundalini yoga.  I can to yoga that Kundalini yoga teachers cannot do.  I would have been a great Kundalini yoga teacher but now I am just a Kundalini practitioner.  I am saving $1,300 by going all the way up to Level 2 on YouTube. 

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Lateral Walking

For the past month I have been doing lateral walking in the park and the results are amazing.  My thighs are round and well-developed.  Yoga holds it all together.  You know you are into yoga when you enjoy just hanging out in Down Dog.  I don’t know the names of some of the stretch poses I do but they really keep me going in life.  I think about Dr. Allen and what he must look like by now.  The last time I saw him he was waddling all hunched over into my spare bedroom with Danny Wellchance.  

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