Should a Litigation Secretary Know Word or WordPerfect? The Answer is BOTH!

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Should a Litigation Secretary Know Word or WordPerfect?

What is better Word or WordPerfect? As a professional legal secretary I am required to know both, however, WordPerfect is really best for litigation paralegal work. WordPerfect is simpler and easier to use than Microsoft Word. But in the real world you will still the capability to be able to send and receive your documents as both Microsft Word and WordPerfect. So avoid the headaches and just use Microsoft for everything and Google for everything else!

What word processing software to choose for your freelance paralegal practice: Microsoft Word or WordPerfect? Dean McAdams says WordPerfect is better for legal, but most of the world runs on Word, so you have to know both as a litigation support professional.

Microsoft Word is a very powerful program analogous to a regular person trying to learn to drive a complex heavy duty four story crane in a granite quarry. The four story crane can go anywhere and do anything and is very difficult to learn how to drive.  WordPerfect is like a little mini-van that is easy to drive and does a lot of practical things very well.  Legal secretaries like legal word processing software that is easy to drive and does really practical things well.  I sometimes work for Ken Phillips, the preeminent dog bite lawyer in the country.  Ken has created his own macros in Word that really help speed up his practice, not slow it down. If you have any connection to dog bite lawsuits you owe it to yourself to check out ken., 

A really great paralegal like Dean is an advanced legal word processing software expert in both Word and WordPerfect because a litigation paralegal has to be good at anything to do with legal word processing software.

For legal word processing software Microsoft Windows is fine because the laptops are cheaper than Apple machines.  Apple computers are more expensive than Windows machines because Macs are better for producing multi-media.  These days Windows machines produce basic multi-media much better than they did ten years ago. For law office use, save your money and purhase Windows machines.


Litigation Secretary

In this great recession the best training path for a paralegal these days seems to be litigation secretary. Mainly because a person can live on a legal secretary salary. Entry paralegal salaries are very low considering the cost of living in a megalopolis like Los Angeles. Go litigation legal secretary to learn skills that will last you a lifetime. Remember that free legal software such as Open Office des not work for legal pleadings so never use Open Office if you are a paralegal or litigation secretary. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.