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SHOOL SHOOTERS & ISIS PRETENDERS: The 5 Categories of Lone Wolf Terrorist


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Lone Wolf Terrorist Categories


Who are these criminal offenders generally?  Lone wolf terrorists are never alpha males.  If you study the literature most high profile killers are simply looking for a way out of their own mediocrity. Therefore ignoring them and denying them the attention they crave is a very good solution to diluting the media power of lone wolf killers. I have therefore intentionally eliminated identifying criminals by name in this article. Just giving them the name lone wolf terrorists gives them too much character. These are just small time criminals who have captured the media need for a product to sell. In a big way the word “terrorism” is a product that the media sells and lone wolf terrorism a nice sub-category.


Some experts assert that multiple personality traits and environmental conditions contribute to the creation of violent lone wolves. Sageman’s (2008) four-prong progression consists of the following: moral outrage, moral interpretation within Islam, resonance with per- sonal experiences, and mobilized by networks. Moral outrage occurs when an individ- ual experiences a suffering that is a direct cause of another human. However, when physical injustices occur and “people are seen as the cause of an outrageous tragedy, a moral judgment is triggered” (Sageman, 2008, pp. 72 73). Next, the individual takes his or her moral outrage and begins to internalize the violation through his or her interpretation within Islam. At this point, the third prong begins when the individual associates his or her experiences to moral outrage and become personally invested. Sageman (2008) highlights the fourth prong as the difference between disgruntled youth and terrorists. In that stage, individuals will begin to share their moral outrage and beliefs with other violent sympathizers, and ultimately reach the terrorist status. 

From: Understanding the lone wolf terror phenomena: assessing current profiles

Most of these high profile murderers are as ineffectual at mass murder as they are at life. The San Bernardino couple had enough munitions for a small war and they only killed fourteen innocent civilians? They were not very good at shooting and they were not very good at marriage and child care. Generally these lone wolf terrorists are very small people with very small and petty grievances against the world.  

Lone wolf shooters are all just like the little girl throwing a tantrum and opening fire on the school yard next door in San Diego because she didn’t like Mondays. In terms of real damage inflicted we don’t have a lot to worry about from these five types of lone wolf terrorists. That is why they are so effective as terrorists. Terror is a psychological operation. They instill the terror that there is going to be a school yard shooting near you soon.

A twelve year old girl shooting and killing people on a schoolyard is an image that stays in the brain whether you have seen images of the actual incident or not. The story is very powerful and stays with me to this day. I can remember when it happened and I am thinking of it now post-San Bernardino. I never liked the way Bob Geldorf and the Boomtown Rats semi-idealized the San Diego story. We need pop singers to just call her a spoiled, ugly dangerous child up front. We need to vilify criminals as a culture. Stop worshiping criminals with crime movies.  Make peace, love and understanding cool. How can we have a gun free society if we have gun movies and gun culture?

lone wolf terrorist prevention
Gun Culture Cultivates Gun Violence



How Do You Identify and Prevent the Lone Wolf Terrorist Operation?


How do you identify and and prevent the lone wolf terrorist from going on a shooting rampage in your community? Obviously gun ownership or possession of any kind is a possible warning sign of a lone wolf terrorist. In San Bernardino a lot of people knew about the lone wolf pack couple’s guns.  People helped the San Bernardino shooters purchase firearms for which they are facing criminal charges.

Report any and all weapons related information to local law enforcement immediately. Get over this politically correct brainwashing that you can’t ask questions. The cops can’t stop everyone. If you see something suspicious point it out. Know your neighbors. I probably know a lot more about my neighbors than they know about me. When I am walking around in a big city like Westwood, I check out women wearing traditional Islamic clothing and head scarfs. This is about crime not religion. 

Lone wolf terrorism is not an activity that attracts the emotionally well adjusted person. There was a time when terrorism could be generally defined as political violence. In the recent San Bernardino shooting we witnessed a hybrid motivation consisting of lip service to ISIS combined with personal and professional on-the-job conflict. There was no persecution of the shooters. Why did their friends and neighbors assist the couple with purchasing firearms? Because they were politically correct and/or accomplices. 


Jeffrey D. Simon on the Lone Wolf Terrorist:

Simon divides lone wolves into five separate categories: secular; religious; single-issue; criminal; and idiosyncratic. This attempt at distinguishing categories is useful. Each is analyzed in the context of real-life case studies, often of a notorious individual falling, on Simon’s account, within one of these categories. So, for instance, Timothy McVeigh is the poster child of a “secular” lone wolf, given his fervent anti-government sentiments. Theodore Kacynski epitomizes the “idiosyncratic” lone wolf terrorist, motivated by personal and psychological issues though cloaked in political or ideological language.


Lone wolf terrorist poster boy Ted “Unabomber” Kacynski would have been the most difficult to identify and prevent were it not for the assistance of Mr. Kacynski’s family in apprehending him. Kacynski was so isolated he remained virtually unnoticed during his seventeen year bombing campaign.  The idiosyncratic lone wolf terrorist is the wave of the future. Bomb making instructions are readily available on the Internet. If a shooter wants a gut then the shooter will find a way to obtain a firearm. 

My mission is to attract the lone wolf terrorist to me and engage him in a dialog via this website. Your single mindedness of purpose can be redirect towards the real enemy: ISIS and Islamic domestic terrorism on American soil. Join with me in turning the tide against domestic terrorism. 


Can the Lone Wolf Terrorist Be Rehabilitated?


The lone wolf terrorist could really just be a message away from changing his mind. The illusion of separation is all that separates you from finding out what you really want. You think you want to become important. You think that one final act of desperation will save you from anonymity as a total loser.  What if you became the first one to totally fall out of your delirium and into golden reality?

Would any lone wolf terrorists engage and interact with the world if given a chance? Perhaps not. A filmmaker friend of one rampage killer’s family tried to help the young man out by teaching him how to talk to women and engage with them. The future rampage killer refused to learn and do the work of relating to the opposite sex. The tools of social engagement can be offered and then it is up to the individual to use them or to remain isolated. Rampage killers choose to remain isolated in their pain and loneliness.

Relationships are hard work. Personal or professional. What made that San Bernardino couple combine a lethal hybrid of work related conflict and a superficial online relationship with ISIS into the most recent lone wolf terrorist shooting?


The lone wolf radicalization of Ted Kazcynski


Kaczynski underwent several years of radicalization as a result of continual pack conflicts. In his fifth year of graduate school, he experienced an internal trigger that pushed him into dispersal. After acquiring the means to do so, Kaczynski left his pack and went into a seclusion – dispersal. To reiterate, dispersed individuals often reenter their packs when they are sick, hungry, lack protection, or lonely – behaviors evidenced by Kaczynski. Kaczynski limited his exposure to his pack and interactions. Often times, a dispersed lone wolf finds other dispersed wolves that they are able to communicate with. Kaczynski was known to have a pen pal, Juan Sanchez, to whom he wrote letters and sent wooden gifts. During his dispersal, Kaczynski entered into a new pack position. He gained power and superiority, something he did not experience in his old pack. Through his gradual aggressive behavior, Ted Kaczynski transformed into an alpha.

While there is no standard profile of the lone wolf terrorist, most of them are unemployed, single white males with a criminal record. Compared to members of terrorist groups, lone wolves are older, less educated and more prone to mental illness.



By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.