You May Think You Need A Friend to Sit With You, What You Really Need is God

Reaching Out to the Lonely Gay Catholic Boy

You belong to the mystical religion of saints. Catholicism is the most mystical of all the Christ based spiritual systems. I have experienced mystical protestant flavored Christ Consciousness. The Celebration of the Eucharist replaced the everyday nature of Christ Consciousness with true communion with the Body of Christ. If you are a lonely Catholic boy you have the Body of Christ available to you. The Body of Christ will serve you better than the Body of Man. The Catholic Church is changing to meet your needs and has apologized to you. The Church says that if you self identify as bisexual or homosexual you should remain chaste. In other words find another gay Catholic boy to partner with and develop an intimate and meaningful relationship with.

Christ Consciousness christ popcorn

Christ Consciousness means to embody the qualities of unconditional love and forgiveness. In today’s world it is not enough to simply label yourself a “Christian” or a “Catholic” and not embody love in your everyday world. Christ does not denigrate homosexuals, sex workers or tax collectors. If you call yourself a Christian may want to think about opening up your heart as the Church is doing for the gay community of man.

White Mass

Celebrate the goodness in life and avoid all the violent pop culture sold to you by Johnny Depp as Black Mass. That is a glorification of evil. I know the story of James Whitey Bulger but I get it from true crime media and not jacked up Hollywood mind garbage glorifying cold blooded murder. Reach for the Mass at your local Church and not the same old schlock screaming for your hard earned cash.

New Mystic Body of Christ Blog Makeover

This website has been redesigned a a Mystic Body of Christ Catholic Devotional Resource. If you are a gay Catholic boy your answers can be delivered to you by the Holy Spirit and Catholic Devotion.