Spiritual Adventure Clubs

Lords of The Atlas | Joshua Tree, CA


nighttime for the lords of the atlas

Company of adventurers and Cesars of the wilderness we are card carrying members of the Lords of the Atlas. My life is your life of infinite connection to universal DNA. Interconnected to everyone and dependent upon no one. You are the third star on the left, remember? This is Starland kid, where everybody is a star. Come here and be a starry eyed ember of consciousness under the canopy of heaven over Joshua Tree, California.

asian girl in the desert

Intentionally blissed out a mere two hours from Los Angeles.


Out here in the desert we are immaculate. Basic. Self-contained bliss. Same perfection, different desert. Everything important happens out here in the wilderness. Consciousness unveiled after Moses cloaked the flame in marketing slogans and paid instruction.

lords of the atlas

Edging on the brink of the universe we are the Lords of the Atlas.

joshua tree

Making everything up for myself it all becomes perfect. Hebrew priestess annotating energy flow instructions to the center of my heart mind.

desert goddess

Long rows of images turning into language and memory in the ancient desert sun. What god or goddess do I want to be today? What kind of sacred space will I create in the pure white light of your creativity?

goddess in the desert

Riding down eternal tributaries of information processing as history repeats itself. Lords of this and lords of that. We are the Lords of the Atlas. 

giving atlas directions

Radiant full throttle love with directions.

hot dogs

Riding Forever.  Munched.  Lunched.  Bunched.  Pure consciousness uber alles. The new frontier of humanity. Pure and unadulterated. Primitive joy of life.

desert dog



Attracted to the light like a monk bashing his head against the solitude of the desert. Thanksgiving 2016 is the one year anniversary of my move to the desert. Pimp Springs. This desert is in my DNA. The desert is about having the space and the freedom to expand your consciousness. Days upon days of meditation, kundalini yoga and walking through the desert.

joshua tree, ca