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I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going to Take it Any More

Every time I get a suspicious telephone call, message, text or Email the face of David R Doan comes into my brain. Carine Kowatch, Paul Merrit Christiansen and a whole cast of zombie characters hover in the background of my mind’s eye. Marcus K. D. was right after all, it was the Freemasons that were trying to entrap me into the unauthorized practice of law. I was living in an RV with my German shepherd because of the Great Recession. All the while my Brother Mason Chief Doan was trying to put me in jail for making a few bucks as a renegade paralegal. Shame on you Chief Doan, you preach love and charity and then you turn around and gave me a heart attack and shingles.

john herriot, art dimino, david r doan
The pool cleaner, the pedophile and the policeman: WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE!

Chief Doan Owes Me

Lately I have been feeling like Chief Doan owes me. Every time I get pissed off about something like my stolen crime section of the LA Times I feel like venting my spleen upon Chief Doan. I can trace it all back to Chief Doan because if he would set a better example maybe some wayward Freemason will think twice about taking something that does not belong to him. I can feel the Chief’s ongoing and continual investigation of me since 2010 at the International House of Pancakes at Los Angeles International Airport.

It seems as though other Masons like J.L.W. and his wife who works as a trial lawyer for the State Bar of California are involved. Of course I can’t prove anything about Jim or his attorney wife, but I can prove that Chief David R Doan, his wife and other key players like Brett Zebrowski and Paul Christiansen are involved.

brett zebrowski confidential informants
Brett Zebrowski, Manhattan Beach, California Real Estate Broker

Chief David R Doan Should Have Helped Me Rise Up Instead of Trying to Take Me Down

In my opinion, Chief David Doan sets a really bad example that leads to problems such as community newspaper thievery by Bro. Michael Magliato at the Masonic Homes.

Prior to becoming raised to the sublime degree of Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons, I was informed that Freemasons take good men and make them better. Based upon my reliance that I would be made better, I decided to become a Freemason.

Then after I was raised, lo and behold, my life became a Kafkaesque nightmare. I can only imagine how Chief Doan and his investigators laughed at me as I was running around crazy trying to survive their massive undercover operation with decoys, fake interviews and fake jobs.

I really want to hear how this Torrance Boulevard bitch laughs at me now. I swear to God someday I am going to find out her fucking name!

That was real funny sending me to those temporary paralegal jobs with fake computer systems that I couldn’t figure out because they were bogus. Chief Doan thought it was a really big joke ruining my bad reputation with my longtime best agency: Los Angeles Business Personnel.

david doans ci's carine kowatch paul merritt christiansen
Carine Kowatch, Paul Merrit Christiansen and unidentified female confidential informant who laughed at me outside Kowatch’s fake office in Torrance, California

The Newspaper Thief

Now the Masonic community has a real criminal to bust in the person of newspaper stealing, sidewalk bike riding, cross-dressing Bro. Michael Magliato. Go get ’em Chief!

david r doan smiling
You are a very funny man Mr. Doan, I’m laughing my ass off!
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