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The Reason to Go to a 12 Step Meeting

The purpose of attending a 12 Step Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is to develop a meditation practice so that you can find a higher power and love god. It is not to substitute meditation for sedation. The goal is meditation for self-illumination. The alcoholic needs to see what he is really like. No medical doctor, preacher or loved one can tell the alcoholic how sick he really is. Alcoholism is a radical self-diagnosis powered by God’s healing love. If there was any other way out of alcoholism I would have found it by now however for me there is no other option than love and forgiveness.

Love God or Die

There is no such thing as free will for the alcoholic. If you are an alcoholic you can either die of the disease or you can believe in a higher power. There is no in-between for the alcoholic. You do not need to actually be intoxicated on alcohol or drugs to die prematurely from alcoholism. You could go on a savage dry drunk like Anthony Bourdain and commit suicide because you have failed to love a higher power with all your heart and mind and soul. Anthony Bourdain failed to get ready for Freddie.

Be careful that you don’t end up inadvertently fucking yourself and/or your alleged “friends”

The Reason the Alcoholic Needs God

The reason that I as an alcoholic need God in my life is so that when I see what I am really like I will be able to handle it.

Anthony Bourdain Bragged About Not Believing in a Higher Power

“Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown”. CNN. Retrieved July 7, 2014
I was raised without religion. One side of the family long ago, Catholic. I think. The other side, Jewish. I’ve never been in a synagogue. I don’t believe in a higher power. But that doesn’t make me any less Jewish, I don’t think. 

The Healing Power of Love

The reason for me to be here is to learn to love. In a spirit of love and forgiveness I see my parents as children not getting the love from their parents. I see my grandparents not getting what they needed from their parents and so on and so on down the line. Hell they were immigrants concerned with basic daily survival. So they had to skip a little on the affection and settle for food and a roof over their heads. Now it is up to me to rise up and be compassionate It is time for me to transcend mys own limitations and raise my consciousness. It is time for me to wake up and love.

I love this man
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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.