love means discernment

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Love Means Discernment

No good deed goes unpunished. Therefore doing my “good deeds” of helping Bro. MM must now come to an end. By attempting my good deeds of helping social misfits I will be punished if I keep it up because love means discretion and we become the people we hang out with. I love Bro. M.M. but if I no longer have any energy to give him because he finally told me that he just likes being a negative creep and visually assaulting people. It is time for me to use my discernment.

Practicing Love is Difficult

Practicing Christ Consciousness means that just because you love your neighbor and your enemy does not mean that you have to hang out with them. Having compassion for people with no social skills does not mean that you must invite them to eat at your table because love means discretion. For the past six months I have been helping Bro. MM because he told me that he has social anxiety. It turns out that M is really a passive aggressive wanna be serial killer with no balls. I happened to run into M in the middle of writing this blog this morning!

love means discernment

Ever since I moved into my new community I have been trying to get Bro. M.M. to come into the main dining hall and sit at the table that R. and I share every day. M. eats outside and struts around dressed like a hobo in gay camp drag. M’s says that he will only come into the community when he sees that everyone is smiling at him. I told M. that it is up to a Masonic gentleman to bring brotherly love into the mix and not to expect anything from his fellow man in return. I tried to explain unconditional love to M however M. is a professional victim and always has a reason why everyone else is to blame.

Love Means Discretion

Yesterday he was actually in the main administration building wearing a women’s hat and so I intentionally avoided speaking to M. because love means discernment.

One day while out and about I ran into M. at our local CVS pharmacy on Grand Ave. and so we sat down on a bench and talked. Two thirty-something Mexican women were checking us out as they walked into the store and I thought to myself, “Yeah I’m looking good.” Then I realized that they were smiling and soon to be laughing at us because Bro. M. was dressed like a homeless panhandler on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California. I love Bro. M. however I have no more personal energy for him. Love means discretion. The key to loving everybody is that just because you love them does not mean that you have to go to Starbucks with them.

love means discernment
Being a Mason Means Being a Gentleman and Not a Drag Queen

In serendipitous synchronization to the words I am writing I just now had a twenty minute conversation with Bro. M.M. about dressing inappropriately! At first he thanked me for inviting him to my table and helping him with his social anxiety. Since I was holding on to a cup of coffee on my way back to my apartment to write this blog I took the opportunity to address the totally inappropriate and slightly scary Robin Hood head gear he was wearing. His morning breath was atrocious and his clothing filthy. MM was wearing a repulsively dirty white t-shirt underneath his homeless Venice Beach costume.

After I expended my best morning coffee energy trying to win him over to dressing like a Mason, MM finally leveled with me that he intentionally dresses like a hobo just to visually attack and alienate people. I explained to him that he is not making anyone angry like he thinks, they are just clucking their tongues and laughing at him.

Love Means Discretion Even For The Village Idiot

Every time MM struts around in camp drag, Dean Arnell laughs and lauds himself at having a stooge. MM is our village idiot here in paradise. MM is giving Arnell a stooge to hang Arnell’s hat on. Arnell looks at MM and publicly announces that everybody is as fucked up as Bro. Michael M.

Choose Where You Spend Your Social Currency

The purpose of writing this blog is to remind me that I love Bro. MM and I am finished trying to get him to my table because I am no longer going to put any energy into him. Thank goodness that he finally told me this morning that he just wants to get a rise out of me and everyone else who dresses appropriately. Love means discernment and I have already been through my gay phase so I am feeling done with Bro. M.M.

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