Dominoes of Love

“Love” your enemy does not mean that you “like” your enemy

For most of my life the Christ teaching of loving your enemy was a real problem for me. I always said to myself: “Yeah I’ll do that someday. Someday when I am older I will love my enemy. Suddenly I was old. Then I realized that just because you love someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to actually like them also. So I just started thinking in my head that I loved everyone, even the people currently in my life that I didn’t really like. After a while I developed more and more ability to love. Soon my emotional state began to change. I just loved everybody whether I was actually feeling it in that moment or not. It felt good to practice. It didn’t matter if I really liked that kid on his skateboard who ran me off the sidewalk that day, I just loved the little punk anyway. Soon I started having genuine compassion for all of the souls endeavoring around me. Nobody is going to love all these losers unless I do it for them.

i love mike domino

Practice Makes Perfect

Now I practice the art of loving everyone. I can even feel the vibe for Mike Domino and David Doan. It doesn’t matter if the recipients of my compassion actually know it. In fact, most of the people I love will never even know about it. Actually, if you read this blog you may jump to the erroneous conclusion that I dislike Mike Domino or John Herriot for causing me so much trouble and pain. I don’t really like either one of these two gentlemen at this point, I am certainly not going to be offering them rides or money. But I really do love them, in my own consciousness.

i love mike domino

Winners and Losers at the Game of Domino

Now that I am finally safe from the secret Ambassadors Club I can finally write about the Domino Theory. The Ambassadors from the Ambassador Club can no longer surprise me in my sumptuous dining hall thanks to the blessing of our pandemic lock down 2020. By the Grace of God I am also gifted with the double lock of our 24/7 security gate and private security guards. Thank you to all of my first responders bringing me my food and taking out my trash. I would be dead without you.

Of course, it is easy for me to love all of the dominos and diminos from my vantage point when they all played a zero sum game. Someone had to win and someone had to lose and it appears that I am the only real winner in this game. All I have to do is tell my truth. And love them. By loving Mike Domino and Art Dimino I have finally learned the lesson of loving my enemy. Therefore I am grateful for Mike, Art, John and everyone who has helped me to learn how to unconditionally love my enemy. You were all great teachers, so thank you!

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