Newport News

Loving Whales

The loving whales of Newport Beach are performing out on the water this afternoon. They used to be called killer whales but as consciousness evolves everyone has to do their little bit to clean up their act. So instead of being called killer whales they are now going to be called loving whales.


I’m spending the night in the handicapped suite at the Newport Beach Motel 6 which is actually located in Costa Mesa, California 92627. There is nothing worth walking to so I will just stay here, cook my own food and luxuriate in the solitude of this spacious room.

Saturday morning before checking-in I took my fourth yoga class of the week and even stretched out on my mat here in this large room. I am always loving every minute of it no matter where I am or what I am doing, even washing my yoga mat and rice bowl on the handicapped bench in the shower of a cheap motel room a mile from the beach. 

Loving whales

Sunday Driving

Driving through Newport and Huntington. Nice $4.50 large coffee/60 minutes of free parking experience at Philz Coffee in Huntington Beach. I found free street parking a couple of blocks from the Huntington Pier. I will walk there after I publish this blog about loving.

Love is Learned

Love is best when it is learned from a loving mother and father. Love can also be learned from an intimacy partner. I was lucky enough to learn about love from a gynecologist and certified sexological body worker. The key to emotional and physical love is to be able to emotionally and physically love yourself. To earn your degree as a sex expert you are required to group masturbate in order to display your degree of self-mastery and prowess at self-love.

Newport Beach shark

What Answer Do I Feel?

My liberation is to ask myself how I feel not what I think. What do I want to feel in life? What do I want and how will it make me feel?